Romeo Miller Begs For His Mother To Get Help

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Romeo Miller Begs For His Mother To Get Help

Romeo Miller Wants Mother To Get Help

Rapper turned actor Romeo Miller has penned an open letter reflecting about the struggles that his family has faced, specifically with his mother. Sharing a vintage photo of him and his siblings with his mother Sonya, the son of rapper Master P says that he wants his mother to get help. He writes:

Man to be a kid again. You may have seen my gigantic Christmas tree (with all of the presents under it) this year and thought that life was perfect. You may have seen all the smiles I’ve flashed for the pics this holiday season and thought that I was truly happy. This picture is true happiness. Being with my mother on Christmas is true happiness. All I’ve prayed for this year is to get my mother back! I won’t publicly write on this again (or get into details), but I felt in my heart that someway, somehow, that this message may work a miracle. I just want you to get help, before it’s too late! I wanna have kids one day and I want them to know their amazing grandmother. We all are fighting a battle mama, I need you to become David and defeat Goliath! They say THE LOVE of Money is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL. I feel that’s only true if you let it consume you.

Romeo Miller Begs For His Mother To Get Help

The truth is, no matter how big my homes are, or all the fancy cars I have… my life is far from perfect and I’ll trade all of this sh*t for my mama. I’m only positive because I know that there are people going through far worst than me. Perspective! Through it all, (the pain, the sacrifices, the lies) I always try to find a silver lining, a lesson to learn. Like #JOB in the bible, I will always choose happiness. That’s why I smile. That’s why I’m so positive, because I know that time reveals all. God’s Timing! Be strong, we all are fighting monsters. KEEP YOUR JOY IN TOUGH TIMES. PROVE TO GOD WHAT YOU ARE MADE OF! ????? #faith

This isn’t Romeo’s first time taking to IG to vent about his troubled situation.

Romeo Miller Begs For His Mother To Get Help

Lil’ Romeo, Sonya Miller, Master P (circa 2005)

Over the past year, his parents have been involved in a divorce legal battle, which resulted in Romeo being sued by his mother. Last year, Sonya sued Romeo, alleging that his father (Master P) was using him in efforts to hide money for their divorce settlement.

Romeo Miller Begs For His Mother To Get Help

Growing Up Hip Hop cast

This situation has also played out on Growing Up Hip Hop, a reality show that Romeo is cast on.

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