Tamar Braxton: We should LOVE & Pray For Kim Burrell

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Tamar Braxton: We should LOVE & Pray For Kim Burrell

Tamar Braxton, Kim Burrell

Tamar Defends Kim Burrell

Tamar Braxton is the latest celebrity weighing in on the controversy surrounding gospel artist and pastor Kim Burrell. The reality star and singer posted a lengthy IG message, stating that instead of trashing Kim for her anti-gay comments, we should show her love and pray for her.

Tamar Braxton: We should LOVE & Pray For Kim Burrell

Tamar Braxton

Tamar also admits that the comments that Kim made during her sermon aren’t rare and she’s heard similar remarks at other black churches. Tamar writes:

Ok… I’m ONLY saying something because tmz asked me about it this morning. Here is the thing.. While I DO NOT agree on ANY level about what Kim said nor feels…most of y’all are nailing her to the cross meanwhile most of y’all voted for Trump! PLEASE have SEVERAL ???? y’all ripping her to shreds for what she has been taught in church ( hell,most of us has) but thank GOD he’s opened most of our eyes of what was taught and believed back in the day so traditionally that’s what they continue to preach to our generation!!! There has been MANY of services that I have attended where it’s been crazy talk of such!! ( and you have too) especially in the black churches!!!

Tamar Braxton: We should LOVE & Pray For Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell

She added,

We need to show her LOVE, PRAY for her understanding and help her realize (also people who believe such ignorance)..that what she has been brought up to believe, isn’t the way the world and things really is!! C’mon now…Isn’t that what y’all trump supporters showed trumps ass?? ?I’m sorry…. Although I get where everyone is coming from… I TOO am outraged but some of y’all sound CRAZY cause after all, his 100 year old “he knows better” ass about to be sworn in… But that’s not my business.. #eachoneteachone #cannotWAITuntilmyshowlaunches?? #sheSTILLwrong..but still? #howmanytalksshowshasTRUMPassdonetho?

Tamar Braxton: We should LOVE & Pray For Kim Burrell

Do you agree with Tamar?

Update: Tamar also took to twitter, after receiving some backlash.

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  • Oh please

    Why are pretending the bible doesn’t say that very thing?


      I agree. She is preaching the WORD!! Read the BIBLE. Everyone want to tip toe around what the Bible says to satisfy their own desires. Love the sinner but hate the sin. We can’t change what the WORD says.

    • Madge

      I agree, but like I have said before, although a lot of people have a problem with what she said, for me, it’s her actions. She’s persecuting these people, but then turning around and profiting off of them. Being on a gay mans album, going on a lesbian woman’s talk show, and referring to a bisexual as one of your best girlfriends, does not align with the words that are coming out of her mouth. God doesn’t like that. FENCE STRADDLING.


      EXACTLY!!…Gods word never changes..we choose to change to fit our own desires..I see nothing wrong with what Kim said–my only rebuke is quit tap dancing with them if your going to preach to them.

      “Blessed are ye, when men shall reuile you, and persecute you, and shal say all manner of euill against you falsly for my sake.”..

  • good2bfree

    Unless Jesus is hiring, none of us have the authority to judge who’s sleeping with whom. Trust me, on judgment day all of us are going to be straight embarrassed by ish we did in this earthly life, and a lot of it won’t have anything to do with sex. We’ve all sinned and fallen short of his glory. People need to stop cherry picking the ‘sins’ they want to judge people for, and religious people are some of the worst offenders.

    • KingLeona

      Now this I can agree with.

    • CARAMEL96


  • Linda Davidson

    I agree the word is true. People try to changit or add on but God word is real whether you live by it or not. You can love everyone but not the sin and you people know that.