Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

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Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

Brandy, Beyonce

Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

Brandy says that she has nothing but love for Beyonce. Today (January 4th), she responded to a Global Grind story about one of Brandy’s songwriter’s who spilled some tea about her alleged beef with Beyoncé.

Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce


The site shared now deleted tweets from one of her songwriters and longtime friends, named TC. Check them out below.

Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

Reportedly, TC and Brandy have now made peace, which may explain the now deleted tweets. Brandy has taken to Instagram, posting a photo of her Brandy Barbie with a Beyonce Barbie, stating that she has nothing but respect and love for Beyonce. She writes:

I’m not afraid of truth. My doll @4everbarbiebrandy is taking a selfie with Bey’s doll @barbiebeyoncelife –@saintrecords is always defending me and giving so much respect to my music. The music that is tucked in the heart of so many of my albums. To not love and respect Greatness would be a disgrace to my own gifts. I’ve been through soooooo much in my life so I’m not fearful of anyone’s words or slander… it doesn’t get any worse when someone has called you a….. I’ll let everyone finish that… so this post isn’t about dodging stings from the hive. This is about Truth. I love me some Bey and I love me some Solange. Now I’m done with it. Gotta go journal, meditate, and write down my affirmations for this bomb ass day I’m about to have… love y’all ??

Brandy Denies Disrespecting Beyonce

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  • KingLeona

    People need to leave Brandy alone. Seems people are always picking on her. She has already said that she was depressed and I believe suicidal…leave that woman alone.

    • Darknlovley

      Really? She was such good friends with Whitney….but, after Whitney passed she is on TV talking about – Whitney went crazy after she lost her voice!!!!! Really? She looking like…hmmmm – that’s shame. Bish…you barely can sing. She tries too hard – after she killed that lady in that accident. Yes- she has killed a person (rather an accident or not). I bet Whitney was there for her when that happened to her. Then she talk ish about her in death. Have a seat Brandy – she has sold her soul.

  • Mark G

    TC is not a true friend, friends don’t expose secrets when they mad….. Brandy has never said anything but nice things about Beyonce…I believe if there was a problem she would be as vocal about it as the monica beef…

  • mirra.k

    Brandy is full of bs