Did Shirley Caesar Defend Kim Burrell & Blame Obama For Making Gays Acceptable?

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Did Shirley Caesar Defend Kim Burrell & Blame Obama For Making Gays Acceptable?

Shirley Caesar Accused of Defending Kim Burrell

Shirley Caesar is coming under fire for the controversial comments that she made last night while performing at at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Maryland. Some suggest that her comments support Kim Burrell’s anti-gay stance. In one clip, she alludes to President Obama making it more accepting for gays in the community.

You should’ve said something four years ago when our President made that stuff all right.

In another clip, she tells Pastors that when they want to have a private conversation with their members, they should collect cell phones.  Check out the clip.

Do you agree or disagree with Shirley’s comments?

Shirley Caesar Defends Kim Burrell's Anti-Gay Remarks, Blames Obama For Making Gays Acceptable

Kim Burrell

Shirley’s comments come just a week after Burrell’s controversial remarks where made, when she stated,

You as a man, you open your mouth and take a man’s penis in your face, you are perverted … You are a woman and will shake your face in another woman’s breast, you are perverted.

See the clip.

Burrell later clarified her comments.

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  • Marie Yvette Carter

    to a certain degree .. i dont believe we have to hide the candle under a bush … if GOD is the author; HE can also finish it. This is a conversation that must be had within the Kingdom because the lines have been blurred for way to long — this is long overdue

    • Phyllis Williams-Titus

      I agree its at what point do we the Believers stand on the Word of God and fight against Sin(the spirit) and stop allowing the Sin to overtake the church!!!! But we must know that this is just the beginning of the fight for Righteousness.

  • KingLeona

    I am a bisexual African American woman and I actually did not find offense to what she said about the LGBT community. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I did find offense to what she said about Eddie Long because she is not speaking on facts. She is speaking on hear say. Didn’t we, well my mother did, taught me not to spread rumors and not to believe what everyone says.
    Now about the LGBT comment, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Delivery is key. I have stopped going to a few churches because the preacher was so set on “LGBT is going to HELL!! And you all are sinners!! Curse you devils!!” …non quote, but in so many words. I did not feel comfortable. Telling us its wrong is ok. Its all about delivery. I have been to churches where the pastor has told us it was wrong and the message was received. I’ve been to churches where this topic was not brought up…it doesn’t always have to be brought up. Speak on something more general, how about no sex before marriage, how about not sleeping with someone else’s spouse? Those topics were not brought up. Tell us how to overcome obstacles, keep faith and how to fight the devil off. Don’t focus on my sex life. And for some its not even our “sex life”, its our heart and who we love. I believe people are so focused on LGBT. And that comment that African Americans are the hardest on LGBT is absolutely true, in my opinion.

  • Lerone Baker

    Hello world my name is Lerone Baker. I’m here to tell you do not pay Shirley Caesar any attention. She is only doing this to get some more attention and to stay alive in the music industry. Shirley Caesar is a Lesbian herself and is only doing this to make it look like she isn’t a Lesbian. If you look back over her career she has used several gay “GOSPEL SINGERS” to stay alive in the industry. Tonex/B Slade Who came out and told the world he was gay, O’landa Draper Who Died Of AIDS/HIV, Kirk Carr, So called X gay Donnie McClurkin, Donald Lawerence, Bobby Jones and I can give about 20 more she has recorded with or sang with on stage with knowing they were gay. Shirley Caesar is a SOLD-OUT old church Lesbian she use to record with my Late Aunt Cassietta Baker George in The Caravans. I know this woman and “SHE AIN’T NO GOOD.” Shirley you need to sit you behind down and stop trying to “USE THE MEDIA” you have “NO RIGHT TO GET UP AND SPEAK OVER PEOPLE LIVES” you have no “HEAVEN OR HELL” to put anyone in. Last you are a Lesbian yourself. You were caught down on your knees in a “HOTEL ROOM PERFORMING ORAL ON ANOTHER WOMAN.” You are a hypocrite, you, Kim Burrell with her no dressing behind. You “BLACK Church HYPOCRITES” know me I don’t play and I will expose all you “FAKE BLASPHEMY CROOKS.” Once again if I see or here of anything like this again “I’M GOING TO CONTACT THE HEAD OF THE “LGBT community” AND EXPOSE ALL OF YOU PASTORS, EVANGELIST, AND GOSPEL SINGERS WHO ARE LIVING A CLOSET LIFE STYLE AND UP USING “GODS NAME AS A COVER.” I AM SICK OF YOU ‘BLACK CHURCH HYPOCRITES.” DON’T YOU PLAY WITH MR. LERONE BAKER.