Kim Burrell Radio Show Cancelled

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Kim Burrell Radio Show Cancelled

Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell Radio Show Cancelled

Kim Burrell is facing even more repercussions. This week, the gospel artist’s radio program was canceled, following her controversial anti-gay remarks made during a sermon. Texas Southern University has announced that her radio show “Bridging The Gap” would no longer broadcast, according to a report. The show had been on the air for seven months.

Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Burrell

Burrell’s appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show was also canceled. Ellen explained why she decided to un-invite Burrell.

She was doing a ‘Facebook Live’ and she said some very not nice things about homosexuals.  So uh I didn’t feel like that was good of me to have her on the show to give her a platform after she’s saying things about me. So, I’ll let you talk about it for a minute.

Burrell has posted a video clarifying her statements. See the clip below.

She has yet to comment on the additional backlash that she’s received.

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  • KingLeona

    I don’t think she should have lost her show. I am a bisexual African American woman and I actually did not find offense to what she said about the LGBT community. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I did find offense to what she said about Eddie Long because she is not speaking on facts. She is speaking on hear say. Didn’t we teach our children not to spread rumors and not to believe what everyone says?
    Now about the LGBT comment, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Delivery is key. I have stopped going to a few churches because the preacher was so set on “LGBT is going to HELL!! And you all are sinners!! Curse you devils!!” …non quote, but in so many words. I did not feel comfortable. Telling us its wrong is ok. Its all about delivery. I have been to churches where the pastor has told us it was wrong and the message was received. I’ve been to churches where this topic was not brought up…it doesn’t always have to be brought up. Speak on something more general, how about no sex before marriage, how about not sleeping with someone else’s spouse? Those topics were not brought up. Tell us how to overcome obstacles, keep faith and how to fight the devil off. Don’t focus on my sex life. I believe people are so focused on LGBT. And that comment that African Americans are the hardest on LGBT is absolutely true, in my opinion.

  • De De L-Ortiz

    I AM SURE SHE IS NOT WORRYING ABOUT THIS. The people that is with her they will be there for her and the most important event to her is the coming of JESUS. This world of people that can’t seem to understand what it is she said is a true feeling about how they feel or ashame about what it is that they are doing. She condemned the SIN, NOT THE PERSON. GET IT RIGHT. As for the radio, I will not be listening any more.