Jenifer Lewis Suing Ex Boyfriend: He’s a con artist & owes me over 50k!

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Jenifer Lewis Suing Ex Boyfriend: He's a con artist & owes me over 50k!

Jenifer Lewis

Jenifer Lewis Suing Ex-Boyfriend For Stealing Money

Jenifer Lewis is suing her ex-boyfriend, after discovering that he had allegedly swindled her out of 50k! The black-ish star shares how she met this man, but later discovered that he was a fraud who had swindled her out of investing more than $50,000. She explained on social media:

Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC645841
On September 11, 2015, only hours before my mother passed away, I learned that the man I planned to build a life with was a convicted felon and con artist whose criminal career spans more than 25 years, with a special skill in swindling women. This man, whose name is Tony Wilson, had been sentenced in 2010 to four years in federal prison for conning investors out of $4 million and was currently out on parole. I learned also that his name wasn’t Tony Wilson—it was Brice Carrington.

By searching online, I learned that Tony Wilson is a convicted felon and con artist. By searching online, I learned that Wilson, as Brice Carrington, had falsely claimed to be a three-time “Oscar winner” in sound design and had paid a jeweler to create fake Academy Award Oscar statues to lure unsuspecting investors for his sound effects business. By searching online, I learned that Tony Wilson’s current alias—Dr. Antonio M. Wilson, an Oxford-educated Ph.D. in Theology who lectures at UCLA, and who is a self-published author of religious books and a former Navy SEAL—was concocted while Wilson was incarcerated in federal prison.

Unfortunately, I learned the truth about Tony Wilson only after he conned me into investing more than $50,000 into the exact same sound effects business for which he had plead guilty, for which he had served time, and for which he was currently on parole.

Tony Wilson, an LA Fitness Club Manager, introduced himself to me while I was working out at LA Fitness. What began as a professional relationship became a personal one. When I learned the truth about Tony Wilson, I immediately notified LA Fitness. The purpose of notifying LA Fitness was to urge LA Fitness to take action to protect its members, especially its women members. Instead of LA Fitness protecting its members, LA Fitness protected Tony Wilson. LA Fitness protected Tony Wilson by telling me that I should stop accusing its Club Manager of being “a fraud and a con artist.” LA Fitness protected Tony Wilson by “advising” me to stop going to the LA Fitness location where I worked out because Tony Wilson was the Club Manager.

Ironically, LA Fitness protected Tony Wilson by providing him with an email confirming that LA Fitness was notified that Tony Wilson was “a fraud and a con artist.” Tony Wilson then used the email provided by LA Fitness as evidence against me in court. The LA Fitness email allowed Tony Wilson to allege that I had “wrongfully attempted” to have him fired from his job at LA Fitness by bringing to LA Fitness’ attention that he was “a fraud and a con artist,” which, in fact, he was—and is.

That was in October 2015, more than 15 months ago. As I testified in court, “It was like my soul was shattered.” Since then, I have had to pick myself up, put myself back into therapy and take good care of myself. I am of course still mourning my mother and doing my best to trust again.

I have worked hard and now feel emotionally capable to take the final step in my healing, which is to protect others.

Therefore, I have brought suit against Tony Wilson and LA Fitness, given that LA Fitness has continued to protect Tony Wilson and has continued to place him in a position to prey on LA Fitness’ members, especially its women members, as Tony Wilson is still—TO THIS DAY—gainfully employed by LA Fitness.
Jenifer Lewis
January 10, 2017

Jenifer Lewis Suing Ex Boyfriend: He's a con artist & owes me over 50k!

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  • SumthinSweeter

    Well damn

  • Mika

    Thank you Jenn for your courageousness, and taking a stand against these predators, and warning other women. Now continue to hold your head up because you will be called a scorn woman, whose just bitter.

  • Tammy a gilbert

    Women hold on to your money don’t go into anything but for yourself

  • california love

    Wow that took some strength to admit this happen to you..their are people who look at you as money bags instead of a person.I hope she be able to recover some of her money back and keep her head up keep on stepping rip to her mother

  • ccarring

    This is not a true story. Ms Lewis with all due respect as you are a Hollywood starlet. I am Tony’s wife of 18 years. He may have made some mistakes in his past and he.
    Paid for them with 4 years of his life away from his family. Unfortunately we are not big Hollywood stars and defending ourselves against this obvious publicity seeking story is just another day in the life of Hollywood for you. But is bringing our family to ruin. My husband has only sought to give you Godly advice. He has only ever been respectful to you. When you found out about his past, you decided to crush him with your Hollywood tactics. You never gave him an opportunity to explain his past and now you’ve created this fake news story. He was never your boyfriend, never led you on in that way. You even met our children. I wish you well and I hope you can come to grips with trying to destroy a good man and even more a black family.

    • BlackishFan

      Where’s her money???? Why is your husband having sex with people at his job? How is that godly? Give her the money! You sound stupid defending a thief. Since you’re the “wife” if you benefitted from the money you’re a thief too . Thief!

      • ccarring

        None of this is true, but you’re a fan so I don’t need to try to convince you. Just go watch her show. You have no idea what you’re talking about you’re just repeating lies.

      • Evelyn

        You’re right. Where’s her money and why is a Godly married man that’s supposedly reinventing his prison past picking up women and borrowing money from them? You say she wasn’t his girlfriend and he just got $50,000 just like That? Really? Wife you’re a fool if you believe that lie.

        • theFeistyWife

          Thank you u sis

    • theFeistyWife

      Well make it right, and have your loser husband that serve 4 years in jail for being a scam artist repay the money and stop using his married penis for stealing people money.