Lil Mo Blasts Spike Lee: Stop bullying & disrespecting Chrisette Michele! [VIDEO]

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Lil Mo Blasts Spike Lee: Stop bullying & disrespecting Chrisette Michele!

Lil Mo, Spike Lee, Chrisette Michele

Lil Mo Blasts Spike Lee

Lil Mo is not a fan of the criticism that Chrisette Michele has received over the controversy surrounding her Donald Trump Inauguration performance. Prior to Chrisette hitting the stage, Lil Mo (who is close friends with Chrisette and also starred with her on Hollywood Divas), posted a clip blasting the comments that Spike Lee made about Chrisette [Click here to see what Spike Lee said about the singer]. The radio personality wrote on social media:

SPiKE LEE TRIED IT. He didn’t have to eem tweet what he tweeted. Keep that shit to ya self homie. What we not finna do is have open season on one female. And we NOT finna Keep letting these Weirdo actin black men disrespect black women and BULLY them and stop being extra cuz u in ya feelings. Some sh*t not eem cool or called for. There is a lack of respect in some of these deliveries. Be MAD but don’t be SLOPPY. So PLEASE Listen to my entertaining rant right fast as I proceed to let him have it since he tweeted that mess about @chrisettemichele !! Woo HOOOOO. You got the right one TUHDAY bruh

Here’s the clip of her going IN on Spike Lee.

And here’s another clip of Lil Mo tearfully supporting Chrisette Michele.

I LOVE YOU SIS!! @chrisettemichele …many are afraid and angered because they have lost trust in the system. The system that was suppose to protect us, has failed us many times. On this day my prayer is that through song may God change the hearts of those that don’t understand what is going on but just know that EVERY LITTLE THING is gonna be alright. May every intricate note Heal the hearts of those that hate because they are hurt. Mend the minds of many men!! I have complete faith that my sister/friend is on the frontline FIGHTING FOR US!! This is bigger than the inevitable. Accepting what we can’t change, all while becoming the change we want to see!! Starting with ME!! The whole footage is on KYSDC.com I come in PEACE!! And I am humbling myself even the more. Please believe when giving BIRTH, before the beauty there is the PAIN. PUSH THROUGH. Logging off for a few. Love always, Cynthia

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Do you agree with Lil Mo’s comments about Spike Lee?

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  • Ali Marquez

    Talk about being “in ur feelings”. Its bigger than feelings regarding Spikes comment. Folks need to be aware of the bigger picture, that there are consequences when u stand on the wrong side of progress in respect to liberty and justice. Her actions warrented this kind of response. Spike let the world know that with his tweet. Good for him. There is more than feelings at stake here people. Our actions create reactions. This is not bullying when some one in his right mind speaks against a community members self serving choice to stand with a group of people taking away healthcare etc and just because lil mo wants to say it is, doesnt make it so. We need to know there are consequences when u stand against the best interest of ur people in cases like this. Anyway, Chrisette put herself willingly in a position that apposed everything she is saying she is standing for and using quotes by MLK to justify herself. Look at the big picture folks. Spike Lee’s message is right on time. #ThisIsNotAGamePeople #QuitSalingUsOutToLineUrPockets #ThisWasntAboutBridgingNoGap #GetReal #SupportThoseWhoPoliticallySupportYou

    • Oh please


  • SumthinSweeter

    Lil Mo is a citizen of Ratchet City and irrelevant asf. Just disgusting.

  • bessie

    she needs to go away. she is just as disrespectful as she can be. should have spent time telling your friend what having no career feels and looks like.

  • 2Duv4Luv .

    Black people are treating Chrisette Michelle worse than the white man ever could. I mean the black community has thrown her to the wolves. I keep reading about #Standing Together #Black unity #SisterSoldUsOut. I don’t know about all of that but I do know that Chrisette probably needed the money and since she hasn’t been selling any records it is understandable.
    If Spike Lee wanted to exclude her song from his project then that was his right. But Spike is a very powerful force in the entertainment business. And he is also proving to be very petty and down low dirty.
    My people I am no Trump supporter. Matter of fact I’m terrified at what he might do to this country. My disdain and anger is in the fact that the black community would cast out and destroy a young black sister with no remorse. Yes what’s left of CM’s career is probably dead but ask yourselves were you justified in doing so? How many more brothers/sisters are you willing to degrade and destroy in the name of Black Unity?