Omarosa Denies Being Used to Appeal to Black People + Defends Trump, “We need to move along.”

Written by TJB Writer in Blog

First of all, no one uses me. I think that when you start to talk about the African American community the last administration decided not to aggressively do African American hours. They felt that if they helped all Americans, then the black community would be helped. That really isn’t the approach that we are taking. We have a strategic plan of engaging this committee. We see what’s happening in the inner cities.

On the productivity of the Trump administration:

I think that once people see the results — He’s all about delivering and being productive and we’ve already seen from this week that he is going to do exactly what he said he’s going to do. And we can trust that if Donald Trump says he’s going to give jobs back to manufacturing, that he’s about America first, then that’s what he means. And we’ve seen that in five days and people that disagree with him have to agree that this first week has probably been on the most productive weeks of any administration.

Watch the full interview below.



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