Joe Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

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Joe Jackson's Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

Joe Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

Joe Jackson’s alleged secret child, JonVonnie Jackson, is speaking out. This week, she announced that she’s writing an autobiography. Sharing a photo of her with Joe Jackson, she wrote:

My Mother is Cheryle Terrell. My Father is Joseph Jackson. This is my autobiography.

Joe Jackson's Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

Back in 2009, she made similar claims, remaining adamant that she was the secret sister to Michael Jackson and the other famous siblings. She stated that she never got to meet Michael until she was 29 and was not allowed to attend the late singer’s funeral. She said:

I feel rejected by some of my family. It’s upsetting and hurtful.

JohVonnie says she was born in 1974 and is the product of a 25-year affair between Jackson family patriarch Joe and her mother Cheryle Terrell. She claims that Joe would visit them frequently and shower his love child with gifts. In her early 20s, JohVonnie says they even moved in with Joe in Las Vegas when he lived away from the family home. She says that Joe’s wife Katherine knew of the affair but her devotion to the Jehovah’s Witness faith led her to forgive him and accept JohVonnie.

La Toya Jackson allegedly claimed in her memoirs Growing Up In The Jackson Family that Katherine referred to JohVonnie as a “bastard child”.


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  • Alexandria

    Oh and let’s not get it twisted. Being a Jehovah’s Witness does not mean you’re obligated to stay with an adulterous husband. That was a personal decision of Katherine’s. Nobody or “devotion” can force you to do anything.

    • Ms Snazzy

      Thank you! #TRUTH

  • Guest

    Since theJacksons didn’t really F with her—then what’s there to write about??? CHILE !



  • Genia W-m

    LJ also said Janet was married and had children too. Rene Elizondo turned out to be true, they were married for like 13 yrs before the public found out. Haven’t heard about any children yet though besides that old Debarge story. Hmmmmm Those revelations forever ruined LJ’s relationship with Janet too.

    • Coco

      La Toya said Janet was married but never said Janet had children. Ever.

  • Coco

    It’s not a secret. Joe claims her.


    It wasnt her fault her daddy was hoe… As adults people should try to make a relationship with their siblings

  • Kermit Blackwood

    Whoah. Wait up. The one Jackson child with nothing to lose is writing her memoirs? Mike must be dancing in his grave. I guess she wasn’t waiting for old Joseph to die to publish. This is the first book on the Jacksons that I might have to read. Most of that narrative is just regurgitated public relations mantra.
    This Jackson has every right to be pissed. Shit just got Real.