Joe Jackson’s Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

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Joe Jackson's Alleged Secret Daughter Writing Tell-All

JohVonnie says she is also “ very, very close” to Rebbie. However, her relationship with the rest of her famous brothers and sisters is very different. She said:

I met Janet when I was 15. I saw her that one time and it was clear she never wanted to have a relationship with me. I couldn’t really understand why. She was staring at me and checking me out and as soon as she heard me call Joseph ‘Daddy’, she switched off, turned her back and never spoke to me again.

For years JohVonnie looked up to her famous siblings and even went to dozens of Janet and Michael’s shows – but could never talk to them.

Through Daddy I would get tickets to all the concerts. I was amazed at Michael’s talent. I remember thinking as a little girl, ‘He looked at me, he saw me’. I would sometimes go to see them back stage but I could never get to talk to them. You could not get close at all. It was frustrating. I also didn’t have any access to telephone numbers. I didn’t want to go through my father’s things and it wasn’t really something that was talked about.

No addition details about her book have yet been released.

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