Tony Rock Slams Steve Harvey: His 3rd wife was his MISTRESS!

Written by TJB Writer in Blog
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See the video below.

Do you agree or disagree with Rock’s comments?

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  • symone

    wow ! what a low blow inspite of his past we all have one its about now , how he gives great advice, I can care less about his personal life ,if he happy and spite of the mistakes he has made that’s on him and his maker,

  • Kimberly Lewis

    Steve Harvey is alright with me! That’s his business!

    • Peaches

      Well his business is lying to you.

  • Nuggets

    I agree and also I can not believe that a Trump places him in the governmental cabinet when this guy is dumber than a bag of rocks. His speech is atrocious, and he can’t even read. Not once but twice.
    He is such a bad reader that he seems to run out of time on game show, and you expect him to read governmental documents. Oh hell NO!

    • Lynn

      To bad nobody is asking you advice. Get a life.

    • Leslie A Sanders

      What, you are quite confused, cabinet-no, he had a meeting, maybe because he has a Foundation that mentors Black Boy from the Hood. He reads those $$$$$$. Although I wish he would say WITH. However he does much for the community

    • Toi Chandler

      He’s not in trump cabinet dumb a as. He met with trump about helping people get housing. Learn something

      • BrynaMorris

        Dumber ass what does he know about the operations of the department of housing. Is he going in to tell them jokes. Black peiple have to call a spade a spade. Trump can only relate to Black entertainers to do serious work in this country, it a dam insultant.

  • R sure

    Like all of us we’ve made mistakes and he has to. We learn by our mistakes and that makes us a better person. Steve is a wonderful man. Tony rock you go f#$##% yourself

    • puppylove

      Steve? A wonderful man??? I have hope for the brother but we gon see.

      • R sure

        dont hate the man. he has come a long way from where he was. God has blessed him…..

    • Peaches

      He isn’t a wonderful man. Hes a phony person feeding off the black community and kissing the white communities ass.

  • Yuvette Robinson

    Sounds just like the devil…SLANDERING!!! ALWAYS bringing our past up. God has AND is Blessing you Steve…Keep Moving Forward. KEEP your eyes on The Lord!

    • puppylove

      Not slander if it’s true!

      • Yuvette Robinson

        It is Slander if its his PAST and its being used to defame his NOW….

        • NaturalBeauti Hester

          It’s not slander, he is not trying to damaging his name. What he said was facts that many ppl already knew. Even if they didn’t know abt her being a mistress most knew abt his 3 marriages. They won’t lose any money over it.

          • Yuvette Robinson

            Anyone can see that his purpose for saying any of this is not just to give facts. NaturalBeauti Hester

          • NaturalBeauti Hester

            Thats true as well but he ain’t gaining anything by telling ppl things they already know and don’t care abt. It makes him look bad more than it does for Steve.

      • pray4menac

        true of false it’s none of our business. Sadly all Tony will get from the rant is two mins of fame but NEVER all the money Mr Harvey has!!!!

    • pray4menac

      Exactly !!!!

  • Shelia

    Well his wife is on her 3rd marriage as well.

    • puppylove

      … And wasn’t one of her previous husbands a kingpin?

      • MsPam


      • Yep, both were KingPins…….and brothers, her kids are cousins and siblings-they’re on some Jackson family vales I guess. #FACT #GOOGLEit : ) *

        • puppylove

          Wow! That’s just… Wow!

  • Ron Corley

    Steve is a wanna be “PIMP” that’s why they like him since they have been there many times before and are still there!!!

  • F’ck tony rock everybody know this steve 3rd marriage the brother learn from his past mistakes and now trying to help others avoid doing the same i’m sick of these never been funny ass comedians like this fool and that boring ass DL hugley these sorry a!! Ni!!!s trying to make a name for there self by critizing steve if i were steve i tell tony rock and DL to kiss my ass

  • Leeandra Larry

    Steve Harvey is a mush motherfucker who have made it. Trump invited him to the Whitehouse simply because he is the most visible Black man at the moment, assuming that other Blacks would accept the fact that he is trying to reach out to the Black community.

    • sunni_daze

      Nope Trump invited him to remind him not to mess up this pagent like he did last year. Steve Harvey is a Trump employee, nothing more

  • Ross

    I agree

  • Oh please

    She was his side chick. She was also the wife/girlfriend of a bona fide drug king pin. And Steve knows that! Steve is not a good man. He’s a pump and a hustlers.

  • caramelblessed

    As much as I am so not a Steve Harvey fan right now, I would rather have advise from someone who has been through some thangs and learned something positive than from someone who couldn’t even buy a clue.

  • LT

    Never liked Tony. He always seems bitter and mad about anything. At least the Bros know he’ll break the bro code 10 years down the road. I remember him beefing with Lisa Rae when she left the show they were on to do her. Yes, Tony it was her life not yours, which you might want to think about getting.

  • Dinah Price

    I feel the way and he can’t tell me nothing

  • Shag

    He is spot-on. Knew this all the time. Plus, Harvey was wearing a wig all those years. A hairdresser pointed that out to me.

  • Leslie A Sanders

    So, Steve is a MAN, husband x3, father, business owner, author, radio show, TV shows x99, has a Foundation that mentors Black Boys, started the Hoodie Awards, etc,etc,etc From nowhere Ohio to the White House, (The Obamas where on his TV show) HUM Calling Steve for advice might be a sign that Trump may have some wisdom. He says many things that my Father, Uncles and Godfather have shared with me over the years. Whatever Marjorie was she is MRS HARVEY now(like we hadn’t figured that out) when is her book coming out, lol, she landed her man.

  • Diamond Hall

    Steve Harvey is alright with me that’s his business for real

  • Sharon Easterling

    Wow it’s really sad that folks come out with others dirt with a filthy mouth themselves, now I’m not saying Steve should be a spokes person for me or other mminorities, Steve lost my attention long ago, his eagle fly to high for my kind, he is know for putting his race down, when talking on his radio show, and lawd quoting the bible, give it a break, but one thing we do agree, no one is above God, there is no perfection in this world, that man has built himself up, made great changes in his life, and what we perceive as wrong doing, may have been best for both parties. I’m sure Mr Rock has some skeltons in his closet. NOW LET’S FIND A SPOKES PERSON FOR US! That all can agree on………CRICKKETS!

  • Tyrone Little

    People are so damn jealous it’s a damn shame. They don’t have anything better to do with their jacked up lives than to worry about what someone else is doing. If you were trying to better your own life, you wouldn’t have time to talk about who dI’d what, and who is married to who. Get a freaking life of your own!!

  • Tyrone Little

    And that goes for the rest of you that have nothing else to do but dig into someone else’s life. If we looked into yours what would we find? Or better yet just make up stuff and blast it all over the Internet, see how you like it!

  • Gerard Brown

    When you have to year someone down to raise yourself up. It shows a weakness and inability on your part. I am sure Tony Rock has a past with things he isn’t proud of doing but instead of him confessing his faults he wants to break someone else. This is how we as blacks treat each other. It’s ashame and I am tired of the way we treat each other. Mr. Rock, get a better life for yourself.

  • adnaw nosredneh

    Tony rock is such a hater

  • TheUrbanPoet

    This is Where Black men need to Graduate from…
    **The Green Eyed Monster**
    Steve Harvey..other than The Great Eddie Murphy
    CHRIS ROCK & Martin Lawrence..HAS Graduated from
    Acting like a (( JimCrow Yessah)) for Money., Into an
    Established Black Businessman
    Mr.Tony Rock is still trapped in the confines of
    His SLAVE-MINDEDNESS..and has no idea how to
    Use the blueprint of his Brother Chris Martin or Steve

  • Onyx

    I agree 1000% with EVERYTHING Tony Rock said in this video! That’s just like a (on again, off again) drug addict writing a book on how to stay clean & still is rolling around in the shits!!

  • Jackie

    No one Perfect But Jesus sound like your hating on Steve and his Wife you should be happy but you talk about his life we all haves passes

  • K

    That’s the past let’s leave it there. This is old news, what else do you have. He’s doing many wonderful things today and is receiving his rewards. You need to get rid of your own negative energy and find you some positive.

  • Jennifer

    He can write a relationship book to teach people what NOT to do. This was a hater move and I thought women were catty. #ByeFelicia #TonyRockWho #Nonfactor.

  • Karen Stewart

    Seriously!!!!! Could it not be the fact that his experience with past relationships got him to the expert status? I mean who are we to judge Steve Harvey and who are we to determined his status in life. We need to stop trying to pull our people down and learn to be our brother’s keeper. Steve Harvey has a gift and that gift is to make people laugh and give sound advise (Wisdom)to people with relationship issues. His anointing came from God and gifts come without repentence. His gifts has made room for him not his past.

  • currvalicious

    Even though what Tony Rock said is allegedly true, why did it have to be brought up all over again? Literally almost 10 years after the fact. Ok, Steve has a messy past. No one’s perfect. He seemed to have bounced back fine. Im not a huge Harvey fan, however this info is common knowledge, & not needed to be re-hashed. Check out Marjorie on instafram, she could give 0 phucks what Tony Rock has to say. Tony Rock who?????

  • lashantay

    In order to give any advise you have to go through or experience it for yourself, how can a person that have never been on drugs tell me to stop or don’t use it. I take a lot of Steve’s advise because he been through many failed marriages.

  • Starre Moss

    The only problem I have with Steve Harvey is how he did his first 2 wives dirty — having one put in jail for 30 days and took the other’s son from her. What kind of man does that? I’m sure it hurts his children to hear him speak so negatively about their mother’s and put Marjorie up on a pedestal as if her farts smell like roses. I could care less about how many times he’s been married or if Marjorie was his mistress. I guess out of all three, she was “the one.” I agree with Tony Rock tho…..Steve Harvey should not be giving relationship advice or writing books. He should definitely stay out of that territory…..

  • Guest


  • Sandra Parsons

    So what? Steve is human just like the hypocrite criticizing him. I took Steve’s advice once for Valentine’s Day. To be quite honest, my husband was completely blown away with the romantic act of love. It seems to me that instead of blasting him (if you really disagree with his book) Tony Rock would beef up his vocabulary and write his own book. Instead of acting like a high school girl and trying to pick a fight. Steve is alright with me.

  • pray4menac

    Wow, wow wow seriously Tony Rock, smdh !!!!!

  • Calica Tahal

    I like steve harvey he’s always smiling and makes alot off ppl laugh

  • Yuvette Robinson

    God’s word IS Law Bobbie. And ultimately what HE says about it is what matters. That’s who we all must answer to.

  • Peaches

    Steve Harvey is so phony. Yes , I agree with Tony Rock. Steve has all black people especially black women fooled like hell,. He isn’t no relationship expert. He did dog his second wife for the stripper he is now married to. The current wife is as phony as he is. I always knew Steve was full of it. How can he tell you how to love when he has failed at it himself and then his morals are low as hell. He turned his kids against his second wife . They sided with him because of the money. I cant stand him.

  • Peaches

    And Steves current skank wives past boyfriends were drug dealers. So when she is on TV with Steve talking about the Lord I want to smack the phony off her face. One of them is in prison for a long time. She is just as phony as steve.

  • Peaches

    Steves current wife last two boyfriends were drug dealers .one of them is serving some serious time. She is a money grubbing skank who broke up Steves second marriage. So both of them deserve each other.

  • R sure

    Wow peaches it sounds like you don’t care for Steve and if what you say is true about the black people well it’s their choice. I like steve and he has came a long way from his ghetto days. Happy for Steve

  • Ricardo Martin

    Apparently, being a 2-time gangsta bitch is not as big of a deal as using someone’s marriage as a tool just cuz you gettin jelly over somebod with more talent.