(EXCLUSIVE) Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

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(EXCLUSIVE) Receipts Prove Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, new tea has surfaced about Kandi Burruss and the father of her first child, Russell ‘Block’ Spencer. This season, viewers have been introduced to Riley’s father, who is a music producer.

(EXCLUSIVE) Receipts Prove Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

If you’ve watched the storyline play out, you know that the relationship between Riley and Block is extremely strained. Outside of the show, there’s also been speculation that when the Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star became pregnant by Block, he was allegedly married (via common law). In fact, an anonymous woman, who claims to be Block’s ex wife stated in an interview:

Kandi definitely knew what was going on with the situation. It’s sad that he’s not part of Riley’s life, but he was in a relationship with four other women at the time. She was a side chick, it was expected!

However, according to court documents, Block was not married or in a relationship with another woman when Kandi became pregnant. The doc reads,

The parties broke up again in 2001 when Defendant went to jail for a fourth time … After leaving jail this third time, the Defendant dated other women and Defendant conceived a baby with Kandi Burruss. Defendant’s daughter with Ms. Burruss, Riley Burruss, was born on August 22, 2002. Shortly after the birth of his daughter Riley, the Defendant and the Plaintiff resumed their relationship again…

(EXCLUSIVE) Receipts Prove Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

Meanwhile, Riley is opening up about the strained relationship with her father.

(EXCLUSIVE) Receipts Prove Kandi Burruss Did NOT Get Pregnant By Married Man

She’s released a track called, ‘Better Late Than Never’. Click here to listen.

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  • SumthinSweeter

    Well alright then and just like Funky Dineva said, Kandi may be a whole lot of things but she is NOT a liar.

    • The Mrs.

      Okay! Funky Dineva said it best!

  • cutetay7

    Kandi slept with a married man and then tried to rub it in the wife’s face. She broke up escape with her sleeping around with Jermaine Dupree she is trifling

    • princesspr

      So, we are going to keep that lie going even AFTER evidence proves otherwise? Oh, by the way sleeping with JD was also a lie which was started by one of the Scott’s sisters (Can’t remember which one) who by the way apologize. But, we are going to still believe a lie. Well, OK….

    • Dorethea Williams

      How is court documents gonna say he wasn’t sleeping with other women did they follow his d–k.

    • Truth

      Common law is not considered “married” in my book. There were a lot of factors that broke up Escape. Plus, I’ve never met a Taurus that lies. Not one!!

    • Yolanda Hinton

      Damn can you read

      • cutetay7

        Girl you have the IQ of a rock

  • cutetay7

    Kandi admitted to sleeping with JD

  • cutetay7

    She is a ponzri pyramid scheme like her bedroom Mandi toy line

    • Yolanda Hinton

      Yall all it took was for a smart person to read cutetay7 first post to tell us everything we need to know about the state of mind

      • cutetay7

        Hey welfare chick kandi doesn’t give a shot about u some quit defending

  • cutetay7

    And you have been brainwashed

  • Lillian Witt

    Block… Stupid name…He is a horrible father!! He has paid nothing for Riley’s expences…In addition has spent zero quality time with her..Stood her up many times! She does not want anything to do with him!

    • Yolanda Hinton

      Ppl change and it is better late than never

  • darkjuice

    That Riley single should’ve been spoken word.