(EXCLUSIVE) Bunny DeBarge Slams Mother Over Janet Jackson Secret Daughter Claims, Says Baby May Have Been Aborted

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(EXCLUSIVE) Bunny DeBarge Slams Mother Over Janet Jackson Secret Daughter Claims, Says Baby May Have Been Aborted

Bunny DeBarge Slams Mother Over Janet Jackson Secret Daughter Claims

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Bunny Debarge is speaking out, addressing her mother’s recent claims that she has DNA proof that Janet Jackson has a secret daughter.

(EXCLUSIVE) Bunny DeBarge Slams Mother Over Janet Jackson Secret Daughter Claims, Says Baby May Have Been Aborted

Bunny Debarge

Bunny, who was the lone female sibling of the Motown family group DeBarge, tells us exclusively that she’s sorry for the drama that it has caused Janet and her family. In an exclusive statement, she explains,

I would like to convey mainly to Janet and her family that we the DeBarge family and especially James had no knowledge of this interview being done. We are totally embarrassed and would never do anything to hurt her. James is hurt about this as well and has asked me to speak on his behalf to Janet and Momma Kate and the whole Jackson family. We wish her and the new baby many blessing and much love. The interview by no means represents my family. I believe that this story has been so abused for years. It’s old and it tired and it’s nobody else business to explore.

Janet Jackson's Ex Mother-In-Law: I Have DNA Proving She Has Secret Daughter

Bunny continues,

James and Janet married in 84 and annulled in Nov of 85. James had the understanding that Janet was pregnant at that time, but was told after she went to Japan for a year that the baby was aborted. So if there was a baby, the baby would have been born in 86. This make the child 29 not 30 or 31. We get many girls claiming to be Janet and James daughter. I say leave Janet and James alone. This has haunted my brother for years. Now they want DNA for Tiffany, which no DNA is needed for. It is plain to see, she put her self out there to really be eaten up. But I guess people will do anything for that 15 min(utes) of fame. I do believe my mother being up and age now (81) ran with it once the DNA came back that she was 96 percent kin. I tried to explain to momma that the girl is kin to her. There is no way she belongs to the DeBarge Jackson family. Momma felt maybe she went back in the gene and took after her. Sorry Tiffany, God bless you and we hope you find your family. Again to my Ex-sister in law Janet, Congrats. To the public, it looks like you’ll eat up everything but the truth.

Janet Jackson's Ex Mother-In-Law: I Have DNA Proving She Has Secret Daughter

Janet Jackson

As previously reported, in a new interview, Etterlene DeBarge (James DeBarge’s mother), Janet’s former mother-in-law claimed she had proof that Janet secretly had a daughter 31 years ago.

Janet Jackson's Ex Mother-In-Law: I Have DNA Proving She Has Secret Daughter

Etterlene recalled a conversation with Janet about the alleged pregnancy three decades ago.

I told her she was pregnant; I didn’t ask herI said, ‘Girl, you pregnant. Look how fat you’re getting.’ She just laughed it off. She never denied it.

She added that over the years, she’s has been contacted by several women claiming to be the singer’s secret daughter. But one day, she heard from a woman she thought could be a match.

I told her, ‘The proof is in the pudding. Let’s go get a DNA test’.

The DNA test results showed

the probability of relatedness if 96.7 percent. 

The woman is 31 and lives in Philadelphia. Janet, who recently welcomed a baby boy this year,  has yet to address the rumored speculation.

Growing Up Hip Hop reality star Kristinia Debarge also believes that she may have a secret sister, which would be a result from Janet and her father having a child years ago. Click here for the story. [Photo: Inside Edition Screen Grab]

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  • Wisdom


  • OctoberLibra1 .

    People talk about Joe Jackson, mainly white people, but I think he did a great job raising his kids…and him being strict on them led his children down a path totally different from the Debarge Children. And I am sure Joe, and his sons witnessed and heard about those Debarge boys back in the day and did not want his baby girl getting involved in what could have turned out so ugly for Janet. If there where a baby born out of their marriage, I am sure Janet did the right thing at age 18 to either have the child and keep the child away from that family or if she gave it up for adoption, or aborted it – or if there was never a child, she did what was right at the time and in that family with drug and alcohol abuse, that child would have been better off away from them. Big ups to Bonnie for speaking out on this.

  • Felecia Lisa Lewis

    Whatever happened it was between James & Janet. People get a life.

  • Grace Turner

    But James and his daughter from that Hip Hop show gave it life, so now how is he so hurt? And the mother,No comment!

  • Cherokee black

    Now I definitely agree with it is their business, but , the world is just as the world is Messy. Now I do have to say this which is the whole reason that I subscribed just to make this post. I find it interesting that Bunny said the Janet was gone to Japan for a year it was told to her brother that she got an abortion. That is very odd to me because Janet’s mother was a Jehovah Witness and if her parents have anything to do with the separation or any influence in it I find it highly unbelievable that her mother would allow an abortion. That is something that is definitely unacceptable in their religion and at that time I definitely don’t see that happening. If anything I can see them adopting the baby out probably overseas.

    • Jamie

      I am still saying how was Janet in Japan when in 1984 and 1985 she had albums out, and was on Fame …

    • Gingertee

      I remember when then happened because it was big news. Like Bunny said, this story has been going one for decades. and it should stop I think that James daughter really wants to have connection to Janet because she is the one that brought it up. If Janet did have a baby and placed it up for adoption, then that is where the story ends. No one has been able to prove anything for decades so why now. They need to let this go. Janet’s marriage to James was annulled as fast as it was announced to the public and many of the pics we see are prior to them marrying. James like the rest of his siblings was so deep into drugs, he admitted that he really doesn’t know or remember.

  • Kathleen Smith

    Thank you Bunnny Debarge.I agree with you wholeheartedly. My birth, on the other hand, is a different story. I was born, April 02, 1956, in Seoul, Korea, My father, of course, was a Black war vet. My mother, is a Korean woman. No one has stepped up to look for me, although, it would be hard, because, I had, a Kotean name. I am currently writing an autobiography. I must admit, if my true patentage, came out it could be devastating, on both sides. What if my father was msrried before, or after my birth? What if the Korean woman, who, gave me up, for adoption. went on, with her, life, and her Korean family, doesn’t know, abo, that I am her halfblack child? In my case it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.

  • Jamie

    I am on the Japan tip, cause the time line of the marriage its around the tv show Fame, the album Dream Street and the studio recording of the album Control. So with in that two year period .. Janet was in the publics eye ..

  • Kokoa Roan (DhatGrl)

    Me personally can believe there could be some truth behind this “mysterious” child, rather she had a child and gave the baby up for an abortion if at the time she felt it was the best thing to do that’s on her, but I heard someone say something about the way she wwas raised (strict father) and the way the debarge boys where (I take it they referring to drugs) Joe didn’t want is daughter dealing with boys like that, I disagree sometimes we can’t blame the things kids do reflect off parents or the way they were raised bc some kids turn out a certain way bc it’s what they chose to do and with Janet track record of the type of men she’s been with (publicly) she has a type that she (if u know what I mean)

  • chgoqueen

    im old enough to remember when janet was on the show fame. it was announced that she would not be returning to the show because she was pregnant at that time mid early 80s. janet more than likely aborted that baby or like the rumor goes her sister rebbie has it and raised it because of the family religion. moving on the truth will come out.

    • Elizabeth

      janet left fame because she hated it and didn’t want to do it anymore

  • Kim Rhodes

    She doesn’t look like Janet or james. In fact she looks older than Janet @

  • Fashionista9

    Janet was pregnant on fame towards the end of Cleo. That would make the chid 29 or 30 now. Not nearly 32. All humans share 99% of their DNA with each other- this very dark woman is only a 97 match with granny…making her even less with a debarge (15 biomarks are needed with) and a jackson. Testing with the biological mother is crucial to produce a conclusive result. Testing the old lady is bullsh!t.