Yandy Smith’s Alleged Cousin & Stylist Attack Mendeecees Baby Mama During LHH Reunion [VIDEO]

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Yandy’s Cousin & Stylist Attack Mendeecees Baby Mama

Things got SUPER ugly last night, during the Love & Hip Hop: NY reunion.

Yandy Smith's Alleged Cousin & Hair Stylist Attack Mendeecees Baby Mama During LHH Reunion [VIDEO]

Samantha Wallace

Last night, part two aired and one of the bigger moments involved Samantha Wallace, one of Mendeecees Harris’ baby mother’s.

During a massive argument involving Yandy Smith, Mendeecees’ mother and Sam’s mother, two people attacked Sam from behind. See the clip.

From sisters to make-up artists jumping in? #LHHNY

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According to multiple reports, one of the persons who attacked Sam was one of Yandy’s relatives, named Keisha, who was seated in the audience. A second person that joined in was Yandy’s personal hair stylist, a man named, Bryant Jamison.

While Yandy said she was unaware of who attacked Samantha, VH1 noted on the episode,

After reviewing footage of the fight, production was able to identify the two audience members as persons known to Yandy.

See the clip.

The clips don’t lie? #LHHNY

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  • Ridingfinest

    I’m so glad this season of LHHNY is over…I’m really sad that Mona Scott allowed this feud to be publicized with minor kids involved. It’s cool for adults to act fool crazy but to involve children is just plain nasty and mean.

  • ShelbyMoore

    I wish it was Erica who got hit.

    • Truth

      Why? Erica just pointed out that Mendeece had a life with here before Yancy. Yancy is the one who could not handle that. Yancy also never ever fight her own battles. Others do it for her. If I were Erica I’d sue Yancy for illegal changing the locks on her property when she had no legal rights to do so.

      • mookienj

        Yandy has to much going on money and business wise…she shouldnt be fighting. The prob isnt Yandy not dealing with him being with Ericka…the problem is he’s denying it. Also Yandy has power of Atty for him, so anything he can do.. she can….and he evidently didnt have a problem with her changing the locks being that he defended her doing so

  • Teresa Blue

    That’s good for her they should have it both of them bitches lol

  • Michelle

    A man put his hands on a woman? Really? That was some punk [email protected]@t. Yandy can’t fight her own battles I see.

    • Selena Your-Johnson

      Yandy has too much to lose!! Samantha been sicking her mom on people the whole season and her and Ericka has been double teaming Yandy the whole time and now all of a sudden it’s a problem? don’t talk that talk if you can’t walk that walk.. this is real life! if that was my sister or cousin I probably would’ve got off on her too.. oh well.

      • mookienj