Details About Tyrese’s New Wife, Samantha Lee [Photos]

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Details About Tyrese's New Wife, Samantha Lee

Details About Tyrese’s New Wife

New details have surfaced about Tyrese Gibson’s new wife. This week, the 38-year-old singer and actor revealed that he was a married man.

Details About Tyrese's New Wife, Samantha Lee

And now, the new Mrs. Gibson’s identity has been revealed. Reportedly, her name is Samantha Lee and she is a graduate of University of Georgia. She is said to work for Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services. The couple reportedly met from mutual friends in 2015. In 2016, they made their first public debut together (although no one noticed) at the UNCF Mayors Masked Ball at Atlanta. Click here for more details about their special day.

Photos: @ArnoldShoots And Prince Williams/ATLPics.Net

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  • ShelbyMoore

    I can’t wait for this divorce….he’s gonna regret using his wedding pic to again bash black women. SMH. He will be dragged straight to hell once he files those divorce papers.

    • mideast expat

      why are people so PRESSED about who this man marries. My grandmother has white skin but SHE IS BLACK. Does the shade of her skin dictate how black she is? No. The way these women carry on, they want to bring back the paper bag rule. smh. Is Mya black? Is Mariah Carey black? Is Alicia Keys black? These messy women need to sit down somewhere! And waiting on someone to get divorced? Wow.

  • currvalicious

    He’s proclaiming she’s black, no bueno.

  • Shana

    It is so absurd that tyrese, and many others are calling her black, while she does not embrace that herself.He is the one that brought attention to it because subconsciously he is realizing he is a hypocrite.After all the preaching of black love, and how much he loves chocolate skin, dated black women, but then decides secretly to marry a non black woman,and then try to pass her off black by stating that she has some black in her,which does not make her black. He claims to know what is wrong with black women and why black relationships are failing. Yet, he is confused his damn self.Tyrese is a joke! Looking at his wife’s wedding pic, if anyone were to google Kim kardashian’s photo on her wedding day,tyrese wife looks just like her. When i visited dubai ,She has that look of middle eastern woman in some photos. Tyrese should just stop advising people, like he really believes the stuff he writes.