Dave Chappelle Calls Out ‘Key & Peele’: It hurts my feelings.

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Dave Chappelle Calls Out 'Key & Peele': It hurts my feelings.

Dave Chappelle Calls Out ‘Key & Peele’

In a new interview, Dave Chappelle speaks candidly about rumors that after departing Comedy Central, he took issue with comedians Key and Peele. [Key & Peele was a sketch comedy series created by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.] Chappelle denies this, saying:

No. I’m a fan of this show. 

However, he does admit that while he was doing “Chappelle’s Show,” he said there were,

certain conventions of the show that the network resisted.

He explains,

I fought the network very hard so that those conventions could come to fruition. So, like the first episode I do, that black white supremacist sketch. And it’s like, ‘Well, that’s 10 minutes long. It should be five minutes long.’ Why should it be five minutes long? Like, these types of conventions. I fought very hard.

Dave Chappelle Calls Out 'Key & Peele': It hurts my feelings.

Speaking specifically about ‘Key & Peele’, he admits,

So when I watch ‘Key & Peele’ and I see they’re doing a format that I created, and at the end of the show, it says, ‘Created by Key & Peele,’ that hurts my feelings.

Dave Chappelle Calls Out 'Key & Peele': It hurts my feelings.

Dave Chappelle

He also opens up about his recent weight gain and how he’s now able to enjoy life more.

Well, I mean, if you look at me, right, physically – now, I’m, like, 40 pounds heavier than I was when I did ‘Chappelle’s Show.’ And people are like, ‘How did you gain all that weight?’ By resting and eatin’ and payin’ attention to myself. I have actual relationships with my kids. I’ve been all over the country, touring all my life. But I never saw anything. Now I’ve seen everything. I could talk to people or I could – I had time to stop if someone said they liked me. It wasn’t like I brushed past ‘em like, ‘I don’t want to hear it.’ I had time to stop like, ‘You do?’ You know what I mean? It’s like – it was just, like, the way that I engaged the world was different.

Chappelle’s new three-part stand-up comedy special on Netflix, premieres Tuesday.

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