Tyrese Defends His Wife: We good over here!

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Tyrese Defends His Wife: We good over here!

Tyrese has a message for those who criticize his new wife, Samantha. The actor and singer posted a photo of his new bride and reminded critics that they’re unfazed by negativity. He writes:

When we fell for each other it wasn’t falling at all. It was walking into a house and suddenly knowing you are HOME…. #MyWifeMyLife Now……. Guys go ahead be yourself…… we will be in the bed cuddles, loves and hugs and I’m sure you’re going to see to it that we’re entertained…… Let’s start by arguing that she’s a white girl – yeah that’s a good start…… Get it all out your system! Say whatever it is you want – just know….. We good over here…… #TheGibsons #SheGotHerMasters and #iOWNMyMasters #VoltronRecordzChairman

Tyrese Defends His Wife: We good over here!

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  • digital_femme

    Dear Black Ty: When you attempt to generalize and insult women of color for no reason other than your self-hating, yes, people may respond together to knock some sense into you. Log off if you can’t handle it. And with all sincerity, congratulations on your new marriage!

  • Cyn

    What was that rant for? When will black men realize that just because they are into women other than black women, doesn’t mean that they have to throw shade on black women. Judging by the way you look, I am sure BOTH Of your parents are black! So, that means your mother is black…show her some respect, by not throwing shade on black women…Not all black women give two cents about who you married. Still trying to figure out what your point is by your post!