Tamar Braxton Called Out By Tiny’s Mother

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Tiny's Mother Calls Out Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton, Dianne Cottle-Pope & daughter Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris

Tiny’s Mother Calls Out Tamar Braxton

Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris’ mother, Dianne Cottle Pope, is calling out Tamar Braxton on social media. Apparently, Dianne isn’t a fan of Tamar no longer being in her granddaughter Heiress’ life. Tamar posted a cute Instagram post, writing:

I wish I had a baby girl?

Tiny's Mother Calls Out Tamar Braxton

Dianne caught wind of the post and responded,

Why don’t you claim your god daughter Heiress. Just because you don’t talk to her Mom.

Tiny's Mother Calls Out Tamar Braxton

Rumor has it, Tamar and Tiny’s friendship fizzled out after the singer and reality star left The Real.

Tiny's Mother Calls Out Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton & Tiny Harris (2012)

Allegedly, Tamar took issue with Tiny promoting some of their mutual friends (Monica, Toya Wright, etc.) appearing on the show. Anywho, Tamar has yet to comment on Dianne’s social media remarks. [Click here on the backstory about Tamar unfollowing Tiny on social media.]

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  • Dexter Moore

    All I got to say is who the hell is Diane. Sit your unfamous ass down and stay off twitter…..

    • Blessedlikethat

      It’s called freedom of speech but out of the two of you. She has more to say than you & how can you say she is infamous when your unknown. She is known before you. What she said made sense and that’s her grandbaby.

    • Marie Yvette Carter


    • Yolanda Dunham


  • Axeman

    Godchild bullshit

  • Dana Dane

    Wow. Do you not have “respect” for mothers? (Your elders)… I truly pray that, that’s not how you address your mother but, seeing your remark Mr. Moore, I can only imagine the answer. Mrs. Diane Pope deserves respect, she hasn’t even addressed you and you are so cruel to her. “Freedom of Speech” does not mean you have the right to speak recklessly. I am praying you man up & apologize for your comment because, it’s wrong. God bless you. Tamika, may God continue to bless you & yours & oh yeah, you can change your baby’s God parent. I’m not sure I would want Tamar to be considering how she’s treating Heiress right now. It would probably be best.

    • Dexter Moore

      Please stay in your lane. I say what I want and when I want. My opinion stands. Pray for yourself, how could you possibly talk about her deserving an apology after the way that you came for me. Since you are so quick to judge, you definitely need the prayer…Have a great day

    • Dexter Moore

      For the record, I have a tremendous respect for mothers but her deciding to get on twitter and call someone out shows that she does respect mothers. Regardless of how she feels, Tamar is someone’s mother as well. Respect would have been keeping her mouth shut. Have a great day

  • Dana Dane

    I wish that the times hadn’t changed so much. The respect folks once had & taught their children to have & show @ all times, is far gone. Lord, bless us all, give us the much needed wisdom.

  • Erma Robinson

    Tamar is acting like a baby. You shouldn’t try and control your friends.

  • Dexter Moore

    @Blessedlikethat- My response was a representation of the freedom of speech that you so eloquently spoke about in your response. Please spell-check your reply before coming for me. Infamous is not a word. When people put things into the atmosphere, it should be assumed that they would be comented on. My stance on her remains. The child has a mother who could respond if she finds it to be fitting. Grandma really needs to stay in her place, and that is not it. Have a wonderful Day

  • Chamari Floyd

    ….Wow,…Infamous,…being well known for being bad. First use being recognized in the 14th century.

    Let’s not get so irate,…that we remove words from Merriam & Webster all Willy Nilly like,…..oh the humanity!

  • Chamari Floyd

    ….the state of obscurity,….