Mike Epps Apologizes, Donating Money To Save Kangaroos [VIDEO]

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Mike Epps Apologizes, Donating Money To Save Kangaroos

Mike Epps Apologizes For Kangaroo Controversy

Mike Epps is apologizing for his latest controversy, which involves him dancing on stage with a kangaroo during his Detroit comedy show. On Friday night, a video circulated of the comedian and actor holding the animal’s harness. A man is also seen picking up the animal and carrying it around the stage. See the clip.

Epps received backlash over the incident and responded by apologizing on social media and stating that he is donating money to a foundation that helps save kangaroos. He writes:

Look I wanna sincerely apologize to everybody ,I don’t own the kangaroo and did not mean any harm to the animal it got outta hand and Iam sorry !and like I said I will be donating money to this foundation save the kangaroos ! Sorry if I offedend anybody I love animals sense I was a kid I had dogs my whole life !!#imadeabadmistake I keep taking down my post because of the back lash Iam getting!! thank you for forgiveness !!

Mike Epps Apologizes, Donating Money To Save Kangaroos

Tanya Espinosa, a representative for the United States Department of Agriculture, said:

We are not investigating, however, we are looking into this.

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