Lee Daniels Wanted To Commit Suicide, Purposely Tried to Get AIDS

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 Lee Daniels Wanted To Commit Suicide, Purposely Tried to Get AIDS

Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels Once Tried To Get AIDS

Lee Daniels remains transparent about his sexuality and the challenges he faced growing up. During a recent lecture the director and producer admitted that he once tried to commit suicide by contracting AIDS through unprotected sex with strangers at bathhouses, while high on drugs. He explains,

It (AIDS) wiped away all of my friends. I had no friends… It was terrifying, because we never knew whether you could drink from glasses or what it was. It was the most terrifying thing ever. And I didn’t understand why it was that I wasn’t (dead), because there were far better souls than me that were going (dying). I thought that I needed to go. And so I descended into drugs and into sexual bathhouses to die.

He continued,

That I don’t have AIDS is a miracle from God. I really don’t understand it, because I should have had HIV. Everybody else did.

On a lighter note, Lee and Oprah Winfrey are teaming up to remake “Terms of Endearment”. Click here for the details. [All Hip Hop]

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