Janet Jackson’s Divorce Over Controlling Husband, Controversy Surrounding Mother

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Janet Jackson’s Divorce Over Controlling Husband, Mother

There’s been much speculation as to why Janet Jackson has split with billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana. Over the weekend, it was announced that the 50-year-old singer had called off her marriage, just months after welcoming their first child together, a son named Eissa Al Mana. To date, there are a few reasons as to why she allegedly threw up the deuces. One source says,

She thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy and she had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts. 

Janet Jackson's Divorce Over Controlling Husband, Controversy Surrounding Mother

Janet Jackson

Reportedly, Wissam had requested that she also change her musical image, suggesting that she stop wearing revealing and form fitting clothing while touring and performing. A source claims,

It drove her crazy and she felt she was losing her fan base.

According to a report, Janet’s final decision to leave involved her mother, Katherine Jackson. Allegedly, Janet’s husband’s didn’t show enough concern surrounding allegations that Katherine was being abused by her nephew Trent. The source says,

That’s when Janet made her decision that there was no turning back.

She was worried about her mother — and Wissam showed little to no concern.

The couple have yet to comment.

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  • Gwen Bosby-Mollette

    I don’t blame her for caring about her mother,and a controlling man is not good !!!

  • Mary Jackson

    That was the deal breaker and I’m not surprised

  • ladivinapr

    Janet has been doing very well by herself all these decades… I wish her well !!

  • Ira Fuquay

    She was smart enough to wait a couple of months for that pre-nup to take place as well… You go Janet!!!!

  • We’ve got your Janet back and I doubt you’ll lose us.
    You do not mess with Janet’s “Mother Love” or anyone’s!

  • Asand dy

    She married a Muslim man, what did she expect that he would be cool with her being Miss Janet…nasty girl. She got what she needed out of him a baby and more than enough compensation for those missed tour dates.

    • rnb

      Right. Not using common sense and blinded by something?

  • fruitbowlk

    You can not marry another culture of people and think they will transform to your ways. She is a sex symbol. Her job is to sell sex. He is an old fashioned middle eastern man do we truly think he was going to accept her American ways? And why wouldn’t he have a say so over the child of his that she is carrying? She comes from a dysfunctional home did they really think that was going to change? That is all she knows hint the three marriages, the brother dying of drugs and the rest of the family issues. The jackson name means nothing to him and his family and it shouldn’t. Her job was to be a good wife and now it’s to be an amazing parent. She will not get rid of him so she better learn how to cope with the decision she has made.