(EXCLUSIVE) Young Thug Ordered By Judge to Pay $190k To Promoter

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(EXCLUSIVE) Young Thug Ordered By Judge to Pay $190k To Promoter

Young Thug

Young Thug Ordered By to Pay $190k To Promoter

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Young Thug has been ordered to cough up $190k related to a judgement – in a legal battle with a concert promoter – and now the company is on the hunt for the rapper’s property and assets to collect on the debt he refuses to pay.

Here’s the latest: Recently, the concert promoter (The Duelle Network Group) headed to Georgia court and filed new legal docs to register the out-of-state judgement. They explain that Young Thug hasn’t paid any money of the $189k owed from the court order.

The company is taking the first step to begin the process of seizing assets of property owned by Thug and they filed docs in Georgia due to it being the rapper’s home. On April 6th, the judge came back and sided with The Duelle Network Group. They ordered Thug to pay up on the $189,500 judgment ASAP. Further, the judge ordered him to pay all court costs for the company having to drag him to court once again.

(EXCLUSIVE) Young Thug Ordered By Judge to Pay $190k To Promoter

Young Thug

Here’s the backstory: A Kentucky concert promoter named The Duelle Network Group sued Thug accusing him of screwing them over by blowing off a scheduled concert in Louisville.  They claimed Thug engaged in a pattern of fraudulent conduct that resulted in them incurring considerable expenses and damages, relating to the concert.

According to court docs, Thug blew off the legal battle despite being served with the legal papers in November 2015. The judge granted a default judgement for $39,500 in damages plus and additional $150k for a total of $189,500 plus interest.

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    This nicca’s DONE! Losing his house, cars & ANYTHING he owns, over NOT being a man of your word & honoring business, & at least SHOWING UP for a concert that you were paid to perform at! Now NO ON wants to take a risk to book you, you have NO big sellers or tours,…….HOW IDIOTIC?!