Mary J. Blige Says Ex Kendu Used $420k On His New Girlfriend

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Mary J. Blige Says Ex Kendu Used $400k On His New Girlfriend

Mary J. Blige, Kendu Isaacs (circa 2014)

Mary J. Blige Says Ex Kendu Used Her Money On His Girlfriend

Mary J. Blige is accusing her estranged husband and former manager Martin ‘Kendu’ Isaacs of shelling out cash on his new girlfriend. In new court docs, the singer claims that while they were married he spent more than $420,000 on “travel charges.”

Mary J. Blige Says Ex Kendu Used $400k On His New Girlfriend

Blige claims that those expenses were not work related. She alleges that the funds were for his girlfriend, who has yet to be identified. MJB has alluded to Kendu being unfaithful in their marriage. She recently stated in an interview,

I was getting things here and there but I didn’t have no full proof but when I got the full proof I didn’t have to investigate. It just showed up. 

See the clip.

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As previously reported, Kendu has requested more than $110k per month in spousal support, some of which would cover expenses related to his parents and children from a previous relationship.

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  • Mother Love

    He is Bat crap crazy. I hope he has to pay you that 420K back

  • I_$hOt_Ya

    That guy ain’t shit bnj I swear. He knows it too

  • Nelope Jones

    He needs to get a job! MJ can do so much better than this meat head!

  • Laura

    Wow he has some nerve now he wants you to pay for his. Kids from previous relationship and pay for his parents up keep . He will probably want you to pay for upkeep of his new girlfriend too. Brother needs to pay his own bills be a man get a job that might work for him.