Phaedra Parks Kids Being Harassed, Reality Star Receiving Hate Mail

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Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Kids Being Harassed, Receiving Hate Mail

For the past week, all eyes have been on Phaedra Parks. The reality star has received a ton of backlash and criticism after the part 4 reunion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta aired last Sunday. As previously reported, Phaedra revealed that she had repeated a rumor to her BFF and cast mate, Porsha Williams. The rumor was that her RHOA cast mate Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had planned to drug and rape Porsha.

Phaedra Parks Kids Being Harassed, Reality Star Receiving Hate Mail

According to reports, Phaedra’s office in Atlanta has been bombarded with hate mail. We’re also told that her two children are being harassed over the controversy. To date, Phaedra has yet to respond to reports that she’s been fired from the show. Earlier this week, it was reported that a RHOA producer had told her the rumor and she simply had relayed it. We hear that Phaedra actually explained this during the reunion, but it was reportedly edited out.

No additional details about Phaedra’s future on the show have been shared.

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  • Tiana T

    It was edited out because it was all a SET-UP. NeNe and Kim are in, Phaedra is out. It’s that simple. I expected this when Apollo’s side chick showed up. How disrespectful of those producers! I don’t hate the players, just the game. It’s an entertaining show but one that people take far too seriously. We don’t even know these people. NOTHING is done or said on that show without pre-approval by their powers that be. This was just a way to give the returning ladies a fresh start. She probably saw it coming. We have to stop letting people who manipulate our trust tell us who to love and who to hate. We have to STOP being haters. Stop being manipulated by the media. Stop being a bunch of mind-controlled SUCKERS! It’s not that real, people. I wish Phaedra the best – it was probably the change she needed in her life. Have compassion for her. But more than anything STOP HARASSING HER KIDS!

    • RC

      Why would you even write on that bs about people harassing her kids, are you “SERIOUS”… Phadera kids could walk right pass people and they wouldn’t even know or think about those kids… Give me a break..

      • LindaB

        Its a familiar story in most communities.
        Gossip about (a parent) Phaedra has probably become the main topic among the workers and parents at her sons’ school. Overheard by or told directly to other schoolmates by these adults, the little-ones begin taunting Phaedra sons about their mother to the point of harassment. I would not be surprised if Phaedra has removed her family out of the house (town) for awhile! This is a sad situation.

    • Debra Caine

      I’m with you that was taste less his girlfriend on the show and leave that women and her family alone the world can be ugly



  • Prophetess Veronica Davis

    It is so sad how mean the world can be… I knew the kids would have to suffer all because of a rumor and money.. The Root of All Evil…. Every one in there life time has told a lie on someone or told a lie period. Why people are so quick to judge when we all have fallen short of the Glory of God! Amen Someone!!!

    • Debra Caine

      Amen I’m praying for her and her family

      • Prophetess Veronica Williams


  • Msknoitall

    Lesson learned here is don’t do villainess ish if you don’t want the public crazies to come for you. She should have considered the backlash to her career and her family when she was making up all these lies. The grave she dug for Kandi’s reputation ended up being her own hole! All she can do is go away and hope the crazies forget or something else will come along and get their attention.

    • jtrose

      I was out when Miss P P turned on Kenya

  • Talesha M

    Yes, this a REALity TV show. Meaning part is scripted while the remaining part is REAL. Therefore, regardless of if Pheadra was told the rumor or not she made the choice to tell it to Porsha and whoever else. For her to be an attorney she should know better then to repeat such information. Another thing she know Kandi, she knew Kandi is not like that but still she chose to repeat it. To me it’s like she didn’t care she wanted to hurt her. I use to like Pheadra but she is hypocritical. She like to speak on uplifting young women but yet she behave in a manner that is opposite of what she speaks of. She like to have her breasts and butt out but she want to tell you girls about being a well respected, confident, sophicated young lady. Please…… I don’t see how it was a set up, she chose to repeat the message. If someone came to me with info, that I didn’t feel right about or if it’s against what I stand for or believe in I wouldn’t entertain it. No one can make someone do or say something they don’t want to do. Chile some people will sell their soul for a few coins…. True some people lie but at least they may have remorse for it, but she didn’t. She was not worried about the public when she told the lie or how it may affect her children. With her being an attorney she should know first hand how cruel people can be. I don’t agree with anyonew including children in grownups issues. Smh..

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    People can be as outraged as they want to be. But for God’s sake, the children are off-limits.

  • Madge

    No ones harassing her children. That’s a vie for sympathy. Ain’t buying what she’s selling.

    • gellie

      I don’t buy it either.

    • Lardbrick

      Agree. Those kids have a two time felon Daddy and a mama who is a lying, freak ho fraud. This is the least of their problems.

  • Monique S. Minter

    Phaedra is a lawyer…She couldn’t see a set up….She had to know what she was saying in slander and deformation of character..
    She put her law license in jeopardy…Is she that thirsty?Aint her parents Reverands and Pastors? Where was her morals and ethics?
    Get rid of Porshe too