Future Sends Love To Ciara & Baby Mamas + Russell Wilson Dragged For Referring To Baby Future As His Kid

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Future Sends Love To Ciara & Baby Mamas + Russell Wilson Dragged For Referring To Baby Future As His Kid

Ciara, Future

Future Sends Love To Ciara & Baby Mamas

On Mother’s Day, it was NOTHING but love between Future and the mother of his children. On the special day, the rapper penned individual posts to his baby mamas, including a sweet message to Ciara, whom he has feuded with publicly in the past. Future reportedly has four children with four different women: Jessica Smith, Brittni Mealy, India J, and singer Ciara. See his messages to his baby mamas below.

Future Sends Love To Ciara & Baby Mamas + Russell Wilson Dragged For Referring To Baby Future As His Kid

Meanwhile, Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson, was criticized on social media for referring to his stepson (baby Future) as his child. He posted a Mother’s Day message to Ciara writing,

Nothing better than spending time with you. You are an amazing mom & I’m so grateful I get to spend the rest of my life with you & raising our kids. I love you! #HappyMothersDay Weekend my love. @Ciara

See some of the backlash below.

Is Russell right or wrong to referring to his step-son as his child?

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  • TrieshRetired

    So I guess when you marry someone that has a child you’re suppose to exclude them in a message on Mothers Day. Our children was the correct word to use. They are a family!!

    • brooklyn34

      thank you if he didn’t say nothing they would have something

  • Chanda Graham

    Umm, yes he is baby Future’s stepfather. It’s a legal relationship, so what he said was quite accurate.

  • Bolden Nicole

    Those who made that comment like future slow ass no progression music that’s just sad n petty. That man see baby future more than future so get tf over it.

  • Dina Johnson

    I have children from a previous relationships and it’s a blessing for another man to love all of them as his own!!!

  • Ilya Kulikov

    yea i have a step daughter but i never cross that line where i would take naked pics with her even if i had her mothers consent or call her my daughter she has a father .. russell needs a reality check !! fuckin cornball ass nigga

  • Melissa baston

    He wasn’t wrong if anything he is that boys father when he married Ciara thank u but I think ppl need to stop judging his bilogical father probably worthless or s dead beat anywho the fact is his always there future not but I got married and my kids ain’t his but he clams them due to the real fathers don’t want to step up so he did

  • Phillip Hopson

    As long as Russell treating that boy with respect and love, feeding clothing teaching disciplining basically raising that boy, that is his son just as much as it is Future Sr. If I was Russell and someone had so much to say about it step up or shut up.

  • Ms Snazzy

    I feel like the people who made these immature statements have never been married to someone with a child from another relationship. For any man to accept and love non biological children as his own says enough in itself.

  • tweet

    You are a good man Russell, showing much love for your non-biological child, treating him as he needs to be treated, as a member of your family, treating him no different.

  • Mo’BettaBlues

    Orrrr may be he meant the FUTURE kids they will be having together. This is fake outrage crap.