Kenya Moore: NeNe Is NOT Getting $2.5 Mill + Kim Zolciak Calls Out Kenya: You pay for boyfriends!

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Kenya Moore: NeNe Is NOT Getting $2.5 Million + Kim Zolciak Takes Shots Kenya: You pay for boyfriends!

Kenya Moore: NeNe Is NOT Getting $2.5 Million, Kim Takes Shots At Kenya

According to Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes will not be receiving a $2.5 million paycheck if and when she returns to Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last week, it was rumored that NeNe would be bringing in that figure for her return to the hit BRAVO show. However, Kenya says that’s not the case. She says,

That did not come from her. She ain’t getting 2.5 million dollars.

Kenya maintains that when NeNe left after season 7, the show’s ratings did not drop, but held in her absence.

Our ratings held. If you’re a 1 million dollar liability and the ratings held, why would we pay you 2.5?

Meanwhile, Kim Zolciak-Biermann is coming back. And when asked about her, Kenya says,

Yes, Kim is coming back. Kim needs a check so Kim is coming back.

Over the weekend, Kim responded to some of the comments that Kenya recently made about her during an interview. Kim wrote on social media:

Hmm this sh*t is funny!! ? 6 season in on Don’t Be Tardy, multi million dollar skincare line in less then 6 months @kashmerekollections meanwhile you sell your hair care products out of the trunk of your car and paying Sally’s beauty supply to do an appearances there AND you are spending what you do have on your 3rd paid boyfriend. Sweetie don’t try and come for me so you can have a story line for next season. Thx to all my supportive followers for keepin me in the loop!

It’s safe to say that next season, an unlimited amount of shade will be thrown back and forth between Kenya and Kim.

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  • Gym

    Kenya pays for boyfriends, LMAO LMAO????. Did Fakey pay Matt the money she promised him, for appearing on the show???????LMAO LMAO ?????

  • Alwaysbe Mature

    NeNe needs to come back to the show…Kenya is very messy and her situations are hard to watch…she was just as rude to Kim Coles for treating her like that and calling her husband was on the down low….the pot calling the kettle black?

    • cholly8524

      She gonna keep effing with Kim and Kim don’t play like that.

    • princesspr

      Oh, please Kim FIELDS was not treated any kind of way. Kim got what she put out to Kim. Although, Kenya was very wrong for pulling Kim’s chair. As fair as Kim’s husband, that ship was not started by Kenya. Google him and there wasn’t no blogger who did not implied the exact same thing. #NOTEverythingIsFault

  • Annette Sutherland

    Get Kenya, she does not have a story line, I am glad Nene and Kim are coming back, those two are going to go in on Kenya fake ass.

    • princesspr

      That remains to be seen. Kim is so looking for a storyline, and NeNe and Kenya are in a good place.

    • Ladyday54

      Looking forward to Nene returning to the show! With Kim & Nene the show will be much better. This past season was rather boring and it has been so sad to see Kandi’s entire personality change to try to keep the ratings up. I miss the old Kandi and maybe she can go back to her real personality when Kim and Nene return. In my opinion, playing nasty just isn’t Kandi and it has been so difficult to watch!

  • Livin_lyfe_2_the_fullest

    I don’t know if I believe anything from Kenya but the way the show is headed if I was your agent I would say don’t do it unless you want your name and brand dragged down. The only reason I could think that either Nene or ki would come back to this show at this particular time would be either because they don’t have anything else going on that’s making them money or the pay check has to be huge so if Nene say there paying her 2.5 million I would take that with a grain of salt but they are probably paying her what she asked for in there last negotiate before she left. Because Nene and Kim Left they were not asked to leave or fired so they have very good negotiation leverage.

  • jamie

    I stopped watching the show because of Kenya. She is so disturbed. A miserable soul who really needs professional help. As long as she is on the show, I will not watch. I thought turning the channel when she was on the screen but it wasn’t enough. No Mas.

    • Melanie Jewel Evers-Parker

      Me 2??

  • Kimberly Sorrells

    Yessssss Kim shut her downnn..Kenya is fake and never want anyone to shine.. She’s broke and living off credit..Im glad your returning Kim your respected and love I wish nothing but love and success !!

  • Lillian Witt

    Kenya…ur the one that should be worried about a paycheck! Ur no star… except in ur mind!!

    • cholly8524

      I know that’s right!

  • Sheri Edwards

    Kenya is so jealous of any woman who’s doing anything better than her. She is a disgusting human being. I stopped watching the show because of her. She needs to be fired.

  • cholly8524

    Kenya needs to mind her own business. Apparently, leadership has dropped or why would Bravo even ask Kim and Nene to return? And why is she so concerned about Nene’s and Kim’s paychecks? She’s the one that needs the paycheck and everybody knows it. Kenya’s just jealous cause Nene is worth the money whether she gets that amount or not.

  • princesspr

    Oh, Kim — REALLY??? This is what it looks like when a returning HW is craving a storyline for camera time, HUH Kim?