Tiny Harris Tells T.I.: You signed up to be a husband! [VIDEO]

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Tiny Harris Tells T.I.: You signed up to be a husband! [VIDEO]

Tiny Harris Tells T.I.: You signed up to be a husband!

Tamaka ‘Tiny’ Harris was not pleased when her estranged husband Tip (aka T.I., real name Clifford Harris) was quoted as calling their marriage a “distraction.” On an upcoming episode of the family’s reality show, ‘The Family Hustle, Tiny confronts Tip about his comments. The rapper turned actor says,

I didn’t say anything bad about you.

He continues,

The marriage is distracting me from my greatness. I tried being a husband, I obviously wasn’t that good at it.

Tiny reacts,

You have to respect your woman. You signed up to be a husband!

And to this, Tip replies,

You keep on taking words and God damn twisting them.

See the clip.

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As previously reported, during an interview, Tip stated that his focus was on his business and building a legacy for his children, not marriage.

It seems to me that marriage and what marriage means and what marriage does — it’s just one of those things that’s going to distract me and deter me. And that could be selfish, but ultimately, I’m the patriarch of this family. And it’s my responsibility to take us onward and upward. I just have a purpose and I don’t always have the time to do the thoughtful and considerate thing that a husband should do.

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  • Cocoryder68

    I’ve always loved me some TIP, and always respected him as a family man. I have always loved Tiny as well because Xscape was a collective BEAST and I was heartbroken when they disbanded…but this right here, this is some BS! Just say you fell out of love or no longer want to be married. But don’t shoot is some BS about marriage being a distraction as if it’s something as menial as a fly dancing around your head. You said “I Do” and signed a marriage certificate. You then co-existed and created children. Now, marriage is a “distraction” keeping you from being great?! Dude, I had NO IDEA who TI was until Tiny married him. You became great WITHIN the marriage?! Just wow! I can see why she feels like she does. That’s just disheartening…maybe she will be better off without him. She can get back to work, writing and performing with Xscape and being GREAT herself!

    • Panda Manda

      Worded perfectly! what a simple entitled little man!

    • Ms Snazzy

      Took the words right out of my mouth. T.I. is selfish. Tiny said he was spoiled and she always spoiled him. He can provide his thesaurus explanation if he wants but he is not fooling anyone. A man will never become GREAT if his home aint right.

      • Cocoryder68

        I agree. I’m actually shocked at him. Him and Snoop and Ice Cube were those true family men despite their jobs. A few more as well but I’m talking about those rappers still married to their first wives

    • Jewel Simmons

      I love love this comment..well said…i never heard of a marriage being a distraction before if he could only do his homework he would known that behind every great man there is a woman…it’s the wives who always makes the sacrifice so that their husbands could become great achievers so by this he has only shown he hasn’t reach his growth sad though

  • Renee

    You know! I never would have thought these two marriage with play out on T.V., he just got hope to something that he likes and can’t shake it off, but… a distracted is just too much, why would u let something like that come out your mouth, that’s your wife, not your “Pass Around H**!!! U wrong for that T.I.

  • lelee


    • Cocoryder68


  • Heather Barber

    Hold up marriage is a distraction but you sure have time for a side b*tch and all that is involved in that and how exactly is that elevating your family, which your wife is part of, onward & upward exactly. I’m fairly certain side ho child support might deter that progress just a little.

  • Phil7474

    Man she’s ugly. Don’t know how he married that swamp donkey.

    • Cocoryder68

      Because she held him down when he was a nobody and didn’t have shyt! Tiny was a millionaire when they got together. Nobody knew who he was outside of Atlanta.

      • Phil7474

        He’s made way more money than she will ever know. That’s why she wants him to keep supporting her lifestyle and half of his money. Idc what anyone says, she’s still a mud duck.

  • Camisha13

    Onward and upward? Bro where do you think your career is going? Its time to retire! Be humble…sit down lol and the only thing marriage holds me back from is being a stripper!

  • Terisha Hamilton

    Well, you shouldn’t say marriage is a distraction but yet your out here been seen with some other chick ( aint that a Distraction).. I mean what are you teaching your kids… ( Like Hey Kids, if marriage is keeping you down, then you need to Leave your Spouse )… REALLY..

    • Cocoryder68

      Or you can get sick of being married and bounce. Teaching his sons it’s not worth working for. Marriage takes WORK! Hard work sometimes. It’s not always LIT, but it’s worth fighting for.

  • Lacy Howard

    I mean like what is wrong with T.I?…Man don’t you realize that u r getting too old to b in the rap game…and when your lil rap money start drying up those young girlz will not want you…They will move on to the next poppin rapper..He is a old fool..And i like him..but he an old fool…He will let someone get tiny and i hope they do…Because she is a wonderful catch beautiful woman…taking care of all his kids by other woman…Lil MR.Peanut looking self

  • Liz

    Tiny will always be a boss,and she will find better.Let him go be with his 20.