Torrei Hart Responds To Kevin Hart’s Wife’s Pregnancy

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Torrei Hart Responds To Kevin Hart Wife's Pregnancy

Torrei Hart Responds To Kevin Hart Wife’s Pregnancy

Kevin Hart’s ex wife, Torrei Hart, is thrilled that her blended family is expanding. On Mother’s Day, the comedian and actor revealed that he and his wife, Eniko, were expecting their first child together. Torrei, who shares two children with Kevin, says of the baby news:

I’m actually pretty excited because my kids are excited – I’m kinda feeding off my kids energy. There was only one downside though – I might have to babysit a little bit because Eniko has been spending a lot of time with my kids so they might call me for a babysitting favor.

Torrei Hart Responds To Kevin Hart Wife's Pregnancy

Torrei Hart & Kids

She continues,

But my kids are excited. They’re going to have a little brother…I found out like everybody else, I found out like you – I found out on social media and I was like, ‘Oh wow. Congratulations.’ And my kids were just like, ‘Well mom, we wanted to tell you, but they asked to keep it a secret.’ I said, ‘It’s okay. It’s fine.’ So when I saw how excited they were. I was just like ‘Are you ready to be a big sister? Are you ready to be a big brother?’ And they’re ready.

Torrei also has a message for blended families:

I can’t preach this enough to blended families out there- just remember we’re all family….It’s always best to keep it positive…

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  • Ira Fuquay

    very mature of her…

  • Crystal Goodwin

    That’s wonderful, acting and being mature is a great way to make sure the children grow up in a loving and structured environment with Adults who act like Adults, my ex-husband and his new wife and I are all great friends and working together to raise the Grandchildren, it’s all about them not us, it really takes a village to raise kids, it’s about making sure the children have a loving family life.

  • Annette Sutherland

    you are a real woman