Jackie Christie: My daughter suffers from depression.

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Jackie Christie: My daughter suffers from depression.

Jackie Christie, Takari Lee

Jackie Christie’s Daughter Suffers From Depression

Jackie Christie has revealed that her daughter Takari suffers from depression. As you know, for the past few years, the Basketball Wives LA cast member has made headlines over her strained relationship with her daughter. [Click here to see Shaunie O’Neal’s comments about the situation.] During a recent interview, the reality star stated about her daughter,

I think that every celebrity has somebody in their family that might feel a certain way about themselves. My daughter suffers from depression and I love her to death, she’s my firstborn.

She continued,

And whatever she’s going through, as a mother, I can love her from a distance and together but not publicly, and just support her.

Takari caught wind of her mother’s comments and posted a lengthy response, stating that she does not suffer from depression, adding:

Every phony medical condition, childhood ‘stories’ and so forth will be addressed. So if the plan is to lie me away, good luck with that.

See her full response below, along with a clip from Jackie’s interview.
Jackie Christie: My daughter suffers from depression.

And here’s the clip.

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  • Shakia Bab

    Don’t nobody believes Jackie justifications bc as the world can see she’s a horrible mom trying to detour and justify why she did her child wrong period girl all respect lost for you bc your child didn’t ask to be born it was your choice to breed her then leave her.

  • stanley

    Her daughter is a grown ass woman and need to live her life. She started this mess for using Jackie’ s name to gain sympathy to get money for her gofundme account. She obviously spiteful and even put her dad’s name in the foolishness.