L.A. Reid Is A Sexual Predator, Says Joe Budden

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L.A. Reid Is A Sexual Predator, Says Joe Budden

L.A. Reid, Joe Budden

L.A. Reid Is A Sexual Predator, Says Joe Budden

Joe Budden claims that LA Reid is a sexual predator. The controversial rapper’s remarks comes days after it was reported that the music executive may have been forced to leave Epic Records, because of sexual harassment allegations. [Click here for the backstory.] Budden says about Reid,

I’m just gonna say it. LA Reid is a sexual predator. And now that I have this seat and these allegations are out, let’s just let the cat out the bag.

He continues,

There were multiple assistants at Def Jam that said that L.A. Reid liked to call 18-year-olds in his office soliciting sexual favors. I don’t know if that got out to the public and how he got another job, this news about the assistants, I don’t think this was a secret in the music industry. This speaks to the issue of powerful men and how they’re able to come and go as they please. These companies want to rid themselves of the liability. I’m sure there’s a Bill Cosby list somewhere.

Reid has yet to comment publicly.

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  • Genia W-m

    This is DEEP! I haven’t liked L.A. since he disrespected Patti Labelle when she was on his label. I guess she was too old and wise to chase. Good for Budden for telling this info. Women, run in the other direction with L.A. Reed. Where’s the racism squad who will defend L.A because he’s a brother? Sexual harassment doesn’t just happen at Fox News! Some men have the morals of an alley cat. I’ll bet there are notorious stories about to come out about L.A. Reed.

    • Mo’BettaBlues

      women? I think he was harassing dem BOYS!

      • Probably BOTH…

      • WhoAreYou?

        Most likely BOTH…but this must have been under wraps very well because, pebbles would have really cleaned him out if she knew about this…