Andy Cohen Doesn’t Believe Producers Told Phaedra Rape Rumor + Why He Won’t Pay Husbands On Show

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Andy Cohen Doesn't Believe Producers Told Phaedra Rape Rumor + Why He Won't Pay Husbands On Show

Andy Cohen Doesn’t Believe Producers Told Phaedra Rape Rumor

In a new interview, Andy Cohen opens up about the Phaedra Parks controversy that plagued the reunion of Real Housewives of Atlanta. As previously reported, during the reunion Phaedra revealed that she had repeated the rumor that cast mate Kandi Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker had planned to drug and rape cast mate, Porsha Williams. Andy says about Phaedra’s reaction while the situation unfolded on the reunion,

She was very passive. I was surprised by that.

Andy Cohen Doesn't Believe Producers Told Phaedra Rape Rumor + Why He Won't Pay Husbands On Show

Andy, who is an executive producer of the franchise, admits he doesn’t believe that Phaedra was fed the rumor by production.

I don’t believe it and also I know Phaedra and I know everyone in the group. You can’t tell them ‘Go say this on camera…’ It’ just doesn’t work. You ever met a housewife? They do their own thing. 

Andy Cohen Doesn't Believe Producers Told Phaedra Rape Rumor + Why He Won't Pay Husbands On Show

When asked if Phaedra is actually fired from the series, he says,

Well look, we’re looking at next season. And you have to look at where we left off, which is none of the women want to engage with her, so that’s a tough place to come back from.

Andy is also tight-lipped on whether Nene Leakes will return to the show.

The answer is, we haven’t started shooting. We will let you know as soon as it happens.

The EP also confirmed that men (husbands, boyfriends, etc.) do NOT get paid.

This is the show about the women and about their wives and the guys come with it. They are considered part of the package. Some of them will engage more than others. We’ve been lucky with Atlanta.

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  • Deborah Bracely

    Full of shi* still when ask? No comment freaking story line to keep rating some how I believe pheadra and he never answer he sad no one to film with her yell right ratings

  • sunnyrn

    Why on earth are they keeping this story line going. It is over. She is not returning and once Phaedra was exposed story line over. Let it go. No story line for next season. He is milking this thing for all it is worth. They really did not need to stretch it out a complete season.

    • Lona Walker

      I believe it because it was going every time we saw it they were talking this crazy shit they use her up and spit her out like fool she was for even say this what people do for money?

  • Chezza49

    No one told Phaedra ,She just wanted to take kandi down !!!!

    • disqus_UyMUWABH0E

      Carlos King one of the producers told Phaedra that’s why his ass was fired from the show, I hope she has proof so she can shut ya’ll [email protected] mouths…….Kandi and her mammy have been trying to take Phaedra down because she’s nothing like Kandi and her mammy WHORES

      • Chezza49

        Sorry ,Carlos didn’t get fired ,That’s just bullshit going around . He got a deal from itv America that he couldn’t refuse ,in other words ” More Money ” Phaedra was blaming everybody .She didn’t want people to think she made something like that up !! Guess what ,SHE DID !! You’re a fan and you don’t see the real Phaedra ,the shady ,lying Phaedra that would throw her best friend under a bus if she had too ,just like she did with porsha !!

      • Hotep2you

        Yes, Carlos with his messy petty self fell out with Toddler Taaawd, and dished that tea to Phaedra…out of spite! While I believe Taaawd said (to Carlos) that foolishness- jokingly during one of his many thirst-for-Porsha Moments, no doubt in my mind he said it! Carlos was previously fired from RHOA for makinging life miserable for Nene…Bravo’s once cash cow, and he lied about being terminated then also! He’s again lying about his firing this go round as well. Oh and his new …more lucrative deal? Lol Yeah well no surprise there! As NO ONE is more messy than Bravo and the EPs of RHOA, than Mona Scott Young…Carlos Kings’ new BOSS! So absolutely Young Scott and ’em welcomed Carlos in with open arms- after he was fired by BRAVO a second time.