EXCLUSIVE: Gilbert Arenas Drops STD Legal Battle w/ Laura Govan’s Lawyer, Continuing Lawsuit Against Reality Star

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EXCLUSIVE: Gilbert Arenas Drops STD Legal Battle w/ Laura Govan's Lawyer, Continuing Lawsuit Against Reality Star

Gilbert Arenas Continues STD Lawsuit Against Laura Govan

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Gilbert Arenas has dropped his legal battle with Laura Govan’s lawyer – in which he accused her of defaming his good name — by spreading lies about him having an STD.

Here’s the latest: On May 22nd, the former NBA star headed to court and filed docs in the case explaining he is dropping all claims against his baby mama/ex fiancee’s lawyer, Maya Shulman.

Arenas filed a request for dismissal of all claims against Maya Shulman without the option of refiling at a later time. However, his legal battle with the reality star will continue on despite her not attending recent court hearings and being sanctioned by the judge.

EXCLUSIVE: Gilbert Arenas Drops STD Legal Battle w/ Laura Govan's Lawyer, Continuing Lawsuit Against Reality Star

Here’s the backstory: Arenas sued his Laura and her attorney Maya Shulman accusing them of defamation.

Arenas explained Shulman wrote a blog post about the never-ending battle between her client and Arenas. In it, she claimed Govan was “stating a fact” when she had publicly accused Areans of giving her an STD. However, two weeks later she issued a retraction.

Arenas was awarded a $110k judgement in a separate lawsuit against Govan over the STD allegation. Shulman later responded to Arenas, saying her statements were true or substantially true and therefore demanded his case be thrown out.

She described Arenas as a convicted felon who was suspended by the NBA. The lawyer said Arenas had resorted to a public campaign against her and Govan, by disseminating slanderous allegations through social media and the press in an attempt to harm and ridicule them both.

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  • Mo’BettaBlues

    Raise your hand if you’re tired of these two

    • Ccinkissimmee


    • Anela Tea-ana Claiborne

      Raise your hand too if you std sti hiv aids free raising. ?

  • Ateya

    Honestly I been praying for these two. No one hurts more than the kids. Been there…

    • Fem_Reporter

      Truthfully I think they’re so obsessed with suing and tormenting each other that they haven’t stopped to look at the kids and realize how all of this is damaging them. I read somewhere that Laura said she had the kids so that she’d always have a connection to Arenas good or bad. Not sure how true that is but if it is, considering how venomous and volatile their relationship has been, she has to be psychologically unbalanced to think she would want or need a lifetime connection to a man she claims threw her out just about every other weekend, may have (she said) slept with her sister and a lot of other trash. I pray that she has an epiphany and awakens as a new person. She’s educated, beautiful and has 4 reasons to get her inner self straight before it’s way too late. Those poor babies will grow up with serious issues if they don’t stop all of this mess.