Keshia Knight-Pulliam Explains Why She Supports Bill Cosby: I don’t condone sexual assault.

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Keshia Knight-Pulliam Explains Why She Supports Bill Cosby

Keshia Knight-Pulliam Explains Why She Supports Cosby

Keshia Knight-Pulliam remains supportive of Bill Cosby (79). On Monday (June 5th), the actress, who played Cosby’s daughter, on the hit “Cosby Show” from 1984 to 1992, explained that she accompanied him to court because,

it’s what you do.

Calling the entire situation “heartbreaking,” Knight-Pulliam says,

The man that I’ve known as a child was funny and witty and smart and philanthropic and full of advice. I can only go based on who I’ve experienced, and at the end of the day, it’s the court’s job to find the truth of the matter.

She also added,

I don’t condone sexual assault in any way, shape or form, but, at the end of the day, our court system is set up: you’re innocent until proven guilty. The job now is for the two sides to prove their cases and I accept whatever verdict is handed down.

On Monday, after his first day at trial, Cosby tweeted a sweet moment between him and Knight-Pulliam.

He also added,

As previously reported, Cosby has been charged with felony aggravated indecent assault stemming from a decade-old claim from accuser Andrea Constand. Constand alleged that in 2005 Cosby drugged and molested her while they were at his home in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The comedian has said that he gave Benadryl to Constand and that their sexual encounter was consensual.

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  • Kathy Bringemann

    Keisha wasn’t even born when Bill was bagging all those chicks. Not victim blaming, but these white chicks knew Bill was good and married when they went to his hotel room. Seems like all 40 victims are mad that they were 1 offs and did not achieve jumpoff status.

    • Ira Fuquay

      Right why wait 20 years to bring all these allegations up….but if he did shame on you Bill…

  • Muther fucker jones

    This is nothing more than white propaganda I see no outrage on these other celebrities who are fucking little boys am doing girls do ehite ppl gtfoh you are the worst devilish ppl who hide their own dirt but exposes any and everything a black person does or HAVENT DONE! Just make us look like animals when everybody around the world knows who’s the real terrorist are ok WHITE PPL ARE INHUMANE especially when it comes to black ppl. Wa

  • Muther fucker jones

    This is nothing more than white propaganda to destroy any and everything about a wealthy black man where is the outrage about these other white celebrities fucking little boys and girls gtfoh

  • Djphoenix

    I agree with Keisha. Let the courts decide. I’m going to ride for my friend who has been good to me and whom I have never heard any prior rumors about or accusations, until I find out differently. Then, I can’t defend them. Herein lies the problem with accusing someone of a crime after thirty years of never reporting it, and after you’ve engaged in questionable behavior to begin with. I can say more, but I will leave it here.