Beyonce’s Not Good At Public Speaking, According To Dad Mathew Knowles

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Beyonce's Not Good At Public Speaking, According To Dad Mathew Knowles

Mathew & Beyonce

Beyonce’s Not Good At Public Speaking

Mathew Knowles is receiving a tad bit of criticism for recent comments that he made about his daughter, Beyonce. While speaking at Howard University, he discussed the importance of knowing an artists’ weakness. He stated,

Everybody thinks that they’re the greatest and they should. We as a label executives, we have to know the limitations of the artists. I can tell you all my artists, the limitations.¬†

He continued,

See, I would never have Beyonce up here public speaking. She’s not good at it. Solange was just at Yale. She’s incredible at it. But I know all of my artists’ weakness.¬†They all have weaknesses.

See the clip below.

While we found Mathew’s comments harmless, others – not so much. See a few reactions on social media.

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  • DaysofWineandRoses

    People who have an SAT verbal score above the 70th percentile have said the same thing about Beyonce for years, but gee, he didn’t have to say that about his own daughter in public. That’s pretty cold blooded, Matthew. Well, I have it on good authority that diplomacy has never exactly been HIS strong suit, so there’s that. Business relationships aside, who on earth compares and contrasts their children’s weaknesses in a public forum, especially given the lightening speed with which it will be picked up and picked apart by today’s 24/7 digital media? You might as well be wrapping them in beef slabs & throwing them out to lions in the middle of a colosseum. Shame.