Remy Ma To Nicki Minaj: Having the most Instagram followers doesn’t make you a Queen.

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Remy Ma To Nicki Minaj: Having the most Instagram followers doesn't make you a Queen.

Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma

In a new interview, Remy Ma explains why she decided to use Summer Jam as an opportunity to bring a few female artists (Lil Kim, Queen Latifah, Cardi B, etc.) together. She explains,

I could go up there and use my 15, 20 minutes and slander somebody down to the ground. Or I could use it and make it a moment that people would remember, uplift my sisters, and show the unity and love.

As to why she performed her infamous Nicki Minaj diss track “Shether” during her set, she said,

It was kind of like putting flowers on the grave because the body was already gone. 

Remy added,

More importantly, people need to understand it’s not just one person. It’s not just two people. It’s a whole slew of us. Everybody’s a queen, Being a queen is not just ‘I sold the most records’ or ‘I have the most followers on Instagram.’ It’s about embracing other queens that came before you, embracing the ones there with you now, and embracing the ones that are coming after you.

Minaj has yet to respond.

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  • Forme Helovesme

    She rite

  • Wreckognize Game

    Nicki will never understand that she isn’t the queen because she is superficial. After Remy bodied her with Shether, she came back with a Kimbella response track “still looking pretty”

  • Mo’BettaBlues


  • MsKiko K

    This is ridiculous if she remotely meant that then she would have never done that song again FOH, yes there is room for all of them to be queens but you can’t be mad because of choices that you made that took you out of the game and someone took that opportunity and ran with it and soared past you. Get your weight up and quit trying to stay in the lime light off a diss track. Nikki isn’t bothered by a diss track because it drives people to buy her music (hence still getting them coins). It all comes down to who is getting those spins on the radio and making that money, if its not you then……..

    • Pookie Punch

      Remy stated on the Wendy Williams show that Nicki was doing sneaky things behind the scenes to halt her success which is why she did the Shether song.

      Folks keep saying that Remy is so pressed about Nicki but Nicki has went on a whole doggone petty tour trying to get back at Remy.

      1. She made the diss track No Frauds. It should have stopped there.

      2. She put Rah Ali in the video.

      3. She had to get Lil Wayne and Drake on the wack track to help her because Remy bodied her on Shether divulging her disloyal ways. Where the hell was Lil Wayne and Drake last year or the year before?

      3. She also had to take a photo with Nas because Remy used the Ether beat for her diss record.

      4. Now Nicki is liking and all up in Lady Luck comments because she knows that Lady Luck got bodied years ago by Remy in battle rapping.

      Pay attention to Remy though. That Summer Jam show was a classic and will go down in the books. Remy was showing Unity. Nicki wants to be on top by herself. Together we stand, divided we fall. And the chick made a song called No Frauds when she got fake boobs and a butt looking like an ant. No ma’am. Nicki was an attractive girl before but she caved into society’s standards of beauty and looks a mess.

      Oh and for the record, money and radio spins don’t mean jack! You got crooked record companies buying albums and singles behind the scenes to make an artist look successful. The most loneliest people are rich and famous. Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you.

    • Just Sayin

      She is bothered, that’s why she keeps it going with her corny @$&!

  • MikenVee Johnson

    They look foolish af!

  • Spider-Man’s Clone™

    I’d eat Nicki Minaj booty while she’s sittin on my face all the while pummelling Remy Martin in her fat ass trying to get that bitch pregnant.