Camille Cosby Bashes District Attorney, Judge & Media: Totally unethical!

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Camille Cosby Bashes District Attorney & Judge

Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille, has released a statement, in response to her husband’s mistrial. See her complete statement below.

How do I describe the District Attorney? Heinously and exploitively ambitious. How do I describe the judge? Overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the District Attorney. How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical. How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truths for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life.

Historically, people have challenged injustices. I am grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence; which is the rightful way to make a sound decision … ultimately, that is a manifestation of justice, based on facts, not lies. As a very special friend once stated, ‘truth can be subdued, but not destroyed.’

Moreover, I express humongous gratitude to counselors Brian McMonagle and Angela Agrusa for their hard work. Mr. McMonagle for his passionate and powerful articulations of truths; Ms. Agrusa for her thorough research to bolster Counsel McMonagle; to Mr. Andrew Wyatt for his unequivocal skills in public relations; to our team, who worked diligently and intelligently; to our staffs for their continuous commitment to our family and me … and to our children, grandchildren, and other family who loves us … and to our dear friends and supporters, who never gave up on us, despite it all.

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  • Guest

    There is much outrage against Camille defending her husband on public forums and sites. Some are making this a black thing.

    Being blind cripple and crazy in love is not a black thing racist people out there!

    Remember Mary Joe Buttafuoco stood by her man after his teen lover shot her in the head and 2 movies came out about it, she did finally divorce him but years later. And who can forget Hillary stood by her man when he had numerous allegations against him. Melania Trump called her husbands boast of grabbing women by their to quote him Puzzee locker room boys will be boys talk even though 11 accusers came forth to confirm that sick action. Many of Cosby accusers kept in touch with him and one admitted going out with him a second time.
    The sixties, seventies even eighties was am era of a heavy drug culture yet he handed this recent accuser who took him to Court pills he told her would relax her and she took it. Come on women have to be smarter than that. I remember my grandmother and mother telling me as far back as 30 years ago never turn your back on your drink or take any pills a man gives you esp in a club or party setting.

    • Ksuave57

      I can never get over the victim that stated Cosby raped her twice. I’ll never get over Beverly Johnson claimng she worked in a culture of drug and sex and that Cosby drugged her only to go home to sleep it off. She had no defense of why she didn’t go to a hospital etc. Quaalude then is like esxtasy pills today. Bill could have given those women pills but they didn’t have to take them.

      Now lets talk about Bill O’Reilly since we seem to drop his nastiness. I want the media to keep Bill O’Reilly on their tongues like they did Bill Cosby.