Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism Of White Wife

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Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Omari Hardwick will not tolerate people slandering his wife’s nationality. The ‘Power’ star married his wife Jennifer Pfautch in 2012 and they have two children together.

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Recently, Omari posted a photo of himself and a person made a negative comment about his wife, writing:

Love you ghost … you lost points for marrying white…but we still got you.

Omari responded to the comment, writing:

i’d prefer you not to have me. You just lost all points with me. Good luck in life.

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Omari’s wife, Jae, recently responded to some of the public’s criticism of interracial dating, by promoting the film, “Living”.

Meanwhile, defending critics about his wife, isn’t new for Omari.

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Back in 2014, a few people referred to his wife as ‘ugly’ and Omari took to Twitter expressing his frustration.

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

Omari Hardwick Responds To Criticism of White Wife

On a lighter note, Omari will star with Terry Crews in “Sorry To Bother You”. Click here for the details.

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  • Ateya

    Love is Love…THE END!

  • itsjismemelly

    people are the worst, who’s business is it who he chooses to spend his life with. they really need to get t a life

  • Katie Dunn

    Its your business who you choose to love!!!! Never understood why there is so much hate!!

  • currvalicious

    Please leave Omari & Jay alone. That’s his business.

  • memorybliss

    I don’t like cave beast dwelling demon filled yts.

    Never will understand it, Bible says to not give your daughters
    To their men or take their women as wives.

    Like Malcolm X said, in the end they’ll give you their women. Just to put a tear in the black race/family.

    Yuck and gross ???

  • Frankie Frank

    Don’t mean no harm, marry who you will I just know some sisters that would run circles around your wife looks are not everything yes BUTT they sure help ijs. I bet money if he wasn’t a star she would not look twice @ him sad part is I think he knows that.

    • Just Me!

      I was going to comment similarly. Truthfully, I think it is less the fact that she is White, but more that she is not very attractive. Society expects the woman to be more attractive than the man in any relationship (if not at par). Add to that the race diff, it’s oft a red flag to folks that he married only for power reason (CONTROL, finance, societal status, potential, career, etc.), because brothers have been KNOWN to do that historically when they get a few coins. White men even used to joke before the Kardashian craze that they THANK Black men for “taking their worst” (“classically unattractive”, oft overweight, obese, insecure, bad skin, etc.). White men would joke that Black men were cleaning away/ridding them of their scraps, doing their race (and future offspring) a major favor.
      Essentially it says: Any White woman is better than the best Black ones avail. There are lazy negroes who do think and behave that way…
      And some of us other negroes generalize unfairly. Truthfully, I understand all sides.
      (But I did say a while back, “Yikes! He could do much better.” Which turned into “Aww, he really loves her, nice to see ‘mismatches’ do work.”)

  • Ryanne Neicy Pickens

    Love you ghost.

  • William Randall

    Man look love doesn’t have any color.If that’s the women he married and they get along together and have two beautiful kids.Respect that man and his craft and the show.The character he plays is just for the show.U getting to involve into the show then real life.Live your life O ?

  • RayTeeSee

    People who are against interracial relationships are racist. No matter how much yall say youre not, You are. Its dispicable

  • Brandi Davis

    It amazes me how black folks play victim as soon as white folks say the “N” word or go through some type of racial profiling but so quick to judge someone for choosing to be with whomever they like regardless of their nationality… You all digust me and please make sure your hands are clean before pointing fingers #dropsmic #loveislove #weareourownenemy #iwantnoparts