Blac Chyna’s Mother Tokyo Toni On Rob Kardashian Drama: I Tried To Remain Silent

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Blac Chyna's Mother Tokyo Toni On Rob Kardashian Drama: I Tried To Remain Silent

Blac Chyna’s Mother

Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo Toni, is gearing up to speak her mind. This week, the outspoken mother took to social media, sharing that she will be posting a video about the situation that involves her daughter Chyna and Chyna’s ex, Rob Kardashian. She says,

I’m going to be sending a video out on to social media about Rob and Chyna, the Kardashians, the media, the lawyers. I believe that I have all rights to say what I have to say. Why? Because I feel somewhat in the middle of what’s going on, and this isn’t a good feeling for me. I tried to remain silent because I was always told silence is golden, however, untrue.

She continues,

I am going to speak on everything that’s going on. I am going to give my opinion, I am going to give facts. Why? Because I’m Dream’s grandmother, Chyna’s mother, King Cairo’s grandmother and Rob Kardashian’s ex mother-in-law to be.

See the clip.

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  • KB

    Wow..this is her mom…she looks young…

  • Marie Yvette Carter


  • stacy morris

    Jeez, these folks will do and say anything for a buck.

  • california love

    Her mom is also a ex stripper. The apple don’t fall far from the tree…chyna gets it from her mother..just a low class family….tacky!!!

    • mrs.pounds1


  • Kimmie

    They make money off of the drama and are desperately trying to keep it going. No one cares what her mother thinks of all of this, but she’s going to release a “video” because her name was mentioned just once via a rant by Rob K? WHO THE F–K CARES!!!?!?!?!?! She can sit her ghetto trash butt down and have several seats because no one wants to hear about what someone’s Mom thinks of drama. I can guarantee you she’s on the side of whoever is giving her money and potential fame, which in this case is going to be Rob K. I can already smell the strong disloyalty to her daughter from her stating the obligation to speak out instead of minding her own business.


    The city of TOKYO & Country of CHINA are horrified & ashamed these Ghetto Strippers/Prostitutes mother & daughter slander their names with their trolling of sugar daddies & victims of their scandalous sexual entrapment & teasing out of their monies & dignities! These WHORES are beyond disgusting!

    • Strongest

      Lmfao….tooooo funny

    • LindaB

      Are you kidding! Tokyo is considered as one of the top sex trade cities in the world.

      • Renee

        Why? I can’t!!!

  • Tukes Tax Sanity

    No everybody keep putting her name in dere mouth. Get ratchet Toni.

  • Denise

    Ex mother-in-law to be? Does she know they were never married?

    • Renee

      Exactly! You took the words right out my mouth! She needs to not only stay slient, but… hidden!!! Okay!!!

  • Ryan

    Dang she look rough. Her and her ugly azz daughter need to go sit down somewhere.