EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Slaps Tiny With Counter Suit for Divorce

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EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Slaps Tiny With Counter Suit for Divorce

T.I., Tiny

T.I Slaps Tiny with Counter-Suit for Divorce

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, T.I. has slapped his estranged wife with his own legal papers papers. The 36-year-old rapper turned actor is heading to court and hitting Tiny with a countersuit seeking divorce.

Here’s the latest: On July 10th, T.I, filed his response to Tiny’s divorce. He also filed a countersuit against her, seeking his own terms for the case.

Here’s the backstory: Last year, Tiny (real name Tameka Cottle) filed for divorce from T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) in Georgia court.

Tiny said the marriage is irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation. She is seeking primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their three kids. She wants the judge to determine the amount of child support, visitation and health insurance her soon-to-be ex-husband will have to pay.

EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Slaps Tiny With Counter Suit for Divorce

T.I. & Tiny

Further, she demanded T.I. hand over all financial records of their money and investment accounts. The petition points out that during the marriage they acquired a number of automobiles, which she wants to be split between them.

In her petition, she is seeking both temporary and permanent alimony consistent with their standard of living. She also asked for their martial debt be covered by T.I., due to his high earning ability.

The divorce had no movement until April 24th, following months of speculation the two would get back together when on docs were filed in the case by T.I. explaining he had been served with the legal docs.

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  • ShelbyMoore

    I hate seeing women waste their time with fuckboys….And TI has always been a fuckboy. Tiny’s ass was stupid for eating cootchie for TI…now she’s most likely gonna end up with throat cancer and TI’s gonna be on to the next.

    • vickiesj1

      You so damn stupid….kmsl Tiny got throat cancer from eating Chyna food…lol whew best funny comment ever

    • Tia Rogers


      • Jan Cisse

        You guys want to be ashame of yourself don’t put that on somebody else remember what goes

    • currvalicious

      Omg, lol…. So true.

  • Tia Rogers

    I hope they don’t get a divorce.

  • Marnita Coble

    I don’t understand the couples who have orgies and then get mad when one of them cheats. Tiny is going to be like all the other chicks who are spiteful….. She was the fool to be his little freak….. Now look at them……

  • Kim DEe

    I really don’t get these girls from Atlanta, Tiny, Toya, Kandi, Monyetta, all these broad spots keep bringing girls into their bedrooms for these niggas and the niggas turn around and shit on them. Rasheeda the biggest dummy of them all. I like tiny and want to see her win, her first step is to get rid of tip. Kandi will be next..

    • gellie

      What’s crazy is they get shiiitted on faster for yielding their principles. The more you let a ninja do, the less they respect you.

      • currvalicious

        Exactly. Just b/c he asks/begs doesn’t mean you should/must/or have to oblige. Any self respecting man who genuinely love & respct their wives/significant other wouldn’t dare make such a request to begin with.

      • Aimye McDowell

        Oh PLS stop gvng him the respect of NINJA… That’s sum textbook NIGGA ish he did to her!! Over n over too… that gutter leech can’t hardly speak one coherent sentence except to degrade, belittle or manipulate her… And we’re supposed to still believe he writes his own raps?!! Lmaooo… Stop! He’s a textbook narcissist w Napoleon syndrome (little man) n can’t stand to let the sugar mama he mooched off of to gwt to the top step bk out fm behind his 8th gr education shadow. Pathetic… #RNS… Fun being politically correct toward a bum who had 3 ways w stripper prostitutes in his kid’s home.

        • Trivian Lewis


    • Trina

      I’m witlh you on your comment. These black women are making us look stupid desperate and like we will do anything to keep a man. Kirk dna his wife’s child but won’t dna this other child. All this young lady want is a dna test. So why is she stupid? He DNA your child on national tv and you didn’t even know. So tell me who is Stupid Again Rasheeda? You women have no common sense. I don’t care how classy you all think you are. MiMi sit down, your only role on the show is to hate Jose. Girl get over it he loves that woman no matter what. So you are right under Rasheeda. And by the way Rasheeda your HUSBAND IS COMMITED TO YOU. Not the other woman he slept with.

      • Gorgeous42

        THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Kristen Vasquez

    Tiny girl I’m begging you plz?? Do you. I understand you all been together for awhile. But their comes a time when the respect is lost and you and you be strong. Don’t lose your self respect and dignity to him. You are Beautiful and have a great life ahead. Leave it in the lords hands ands you and you kids will be just fine. Live your life for you.

    • Mathaline

      You are absolutely right she need to move on

    • Angela Cansler

      I agree with Kristen.

  • They need to get it on and done with this divorce or whatever they plan to do.

  • Angela Cansler

    TI &Tiny do what you have to do for you both to live with out a whole bunch of problems. Keep your personal business out of the media. It’s so many haters out in the world we live in. TI take care of your family. No matter what happens in your marriage. Tiny continue carrying yourself with the class and dignity you have always done.Hope things work out for the best for the 2 of you.

  • keniya nelson

    I was really hoping they would work it out and get back together after they were together for so long. They were like the perfect family.. it’s the closed doors that get us.

  • Alida S. Blunt

    I’m so tired of T.I., the Kardashian, Black Chyna, and the dumb Trumps! Please find something relevant and of substance to elaborate on!?????

  • Trishawn Benjamin

    This is fake news. Stop believing the internet

  • morrow

    I feel for T.I. because he is probably sick of her putting all this fake stuff on and in her body. T.I. is probably afraid to say how he feels because little Tiny is a pain in the rear. How come they can’t work this out behind closed doors. Other people are just making money off them and there family ,money they could be dividing into the children accounts every month. Looks like the Family Hustle is getting hustled, huh they are not as sharp as i thought they were. Look at what they think about their family.