EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Refuses to Talk Baby Mama Lawsuits, Tax Liens in Legal Battle over Destiny’s Child Auction

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EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Refuses to Talk Baby Mama Lawsuits, Tax Liens in Legal Battle over Destiny’s Child Auction

Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles Refuses to Talk Baby Mama Lawsuits, Tax Liens in Legal Battle

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Mathew Knowles is refusing to answer questions regarding any baby mama legal battles, tax liens or past criminal convictions in the legal battle accusing him of screwing over his lawyers. Now, the law firm has headed to court demanding the judge force him to turn over the information.

Here’s the latest: Recently, the law firm, Lang Ferrer PLLC headed back to court demanding the judge force Mathew Knowles to turn over documents and answer questions regarding his criminal convictions, baby mama legal battles and tax debt issues.

The firm explains Knowles has recently revealed he is seeking $2 million in damages from the firm + $100k in attorney fees and punitive damages for loss of business and defamation damage.

The parties are in the discovery phase demanding he submit documents and information to help build their defense. The firm fired off a list of interrogeries to Knowles, but accuse Beyonce’s dad of refusing to hand over information claiming the documents requested are irrelevant to the case.

The firm says they demanded all evidence of profits made from the Beyonce and Destiny’s Child Auction, along with seeking a list of all criminal offenses which he was convicted of in the past 10 years, along with his knowledge of all tax liens filed against him and paternity lawsuits.

Knowles has objected to answering any of this questions, which the firm takes issue with due to his counter-suit seeking damages for reputation harm which they believe relates to their question about criminal convictions etc. They are demanding the judge force Knowles to turn over the information.

EXCLUSIVE: Mathew Knowles Refuses to Talk Baby Mama Lawsuits, Tax Liens in Legal Battle over Destiny’s Child Auction

Mathew & Beyonce

Here’s the backstory: The law firm, Lang Ferrer PLLC., filed suit against Mathew Knowles and his Music World Properties in Texas Court.

Back in November 2016, the parties entered into a contract for the firm to represent Knowles. The firm did represent Knowles and completed their obligations per the deal.

However, they accuse him of refusing to pay up on the invoice for their services. As of now, there remains due a total of $49,120.35.

The firm explains they have demanded payment numerous times. The lawsuit accuses Knowles of fraud, due to him promising to pay for the work but then not paying them.

They point out that Knowles held a silent auction during the 2017 Super Bowl weekend in Houston, where he sold off music memorabilia and other items from his time managing his daughter Beyonce and the group Destiny’s Child.

The firm accused him of disposing of the money he pulled in from the auction to avoid debts and legal obligations such as their invoice. They are suing for the unpaid balance plus punitive damages.

Knowles responded and counter-sued his former lawyers accusing them of lying about him selling his daughter Beyonce’s memorabilia.

He denied the allegations he defrauded the law firm out of $50k. Further, he says the plaintiffs are the ones who breached their deal NOT him.

Knowles accused them of trying to maximize their fees but doing minimal work on his case. He believes they are liable to him for damages for their work. He claims the firm was ineffective and overcharged him for the work performed.

Beyonce’s dad counter-sued the firm saying they are outright lying about him hawking Beyonce and Destiny’s Child memorabilia and hiding the profits from the auction to keep it away from his creditors. He is seeking $250k from his former lawyers in damages.

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    Men need to look at Matthew’s life and reevaluate their own. This man has lost everything. He’s basically an outcast in his own family because he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. No matter how many times he gets married or how many kids he has, he will always miss his original family. Men really need to start thinking with their bigger heads….they need to think past that NUT cause baybee life keeps on moving once you are kicked out…now Matthew is looking from the outside like the rest of us. Shrug.