EXCLUSIVE: Phaedra Parks Accuses Apollo Nida of Lying About Paying For Their Home

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EXCLUSIVE: Phaedra Parks Accuses Apollo Nida of Lying About Paying for Their Home

Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida

Phaedra Accuses Apollo Nida of Lying About Paying For Home

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Phaedra Parks is blasting her estranged husband Apollo Nida for allegedly lying about him contributing money for their Georgia home. The reality star says she purchased the home they shared and points out that he stated a completely different story under oath.

Here’s the latest: Phaedra has responded to her estranged husband, accusing him of lying about contributing to the down payment & mortgage for their Georgia home.

She points to the deposition that Apollo gave under oath, in which he states he did not contribute anything at all to the down payment for the home.

Further, she claims that he admitted the mortgage was solely in Phaedra’s name and she paid the bill. He was asked if he ever paid anything towards the mortgage to which he replied

No, ma’am.

Apollo also said he did not know much about her finances due to them having separate finances since they were married.

Here’s the backstory: Last month, Apollo filed docs recently in the never-ending divorce battle with Phaedra, demanding the judge throw out the pre-nuptial agreement they signed before their wedding.

The reality star accused his wife of not providing a full and complete disclosure of her finances and misrepresented her financial condition.

He is adamant during their marriage he contributed a significant amount of money as a down payment to purchase their martial home in Atlanta, despite the home titled solely to Phaedra. Apollo claims he purchased thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture and personal property in the home and contributed money to upgrades.

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  • M.S. WARD

    Straight to the point: Its time for peace in this matter. Not surprising he may have lied yet again. Hopefully he gets it together, to become a better example for his children, before he gets out..

  • Latrice Brown

    I do not believe he paid for none of that. He forgets alot of shit he says

  • Janet Coney

    I don’t believe that he engaged in all that criminal activity, stole money and did not significantly contribute to the household.

    • Naomi Setser

      I agree cause she was seen meeting in lots and she had him doing her dirty work. Of course she handled the money thats why Apollo got screwed over

  • Stacy Johnson

    He needs to mansions up. What kind of man wants to take food from their own kids?

  • Denise

    Chances are that the deposition Phaedra is referencing was from his criminal case and she advised him to say he contributed nothing to the house so that the feds didn’t determine the house as an asset to him and sell it. She is filthy. I don’t know how she sleeps at night. It even appeared on the show Apollo doing alot of the building work on the house so he should have a marital interest in the property but Phaedra found a way to screw him over again.

  • Lady Kai

    Don’t blame her,, she could loose it all if the FED’S take him serious.. hope she has receipts.. this is long battle .. I feel you..