LL Cool J’s Cryptic Message To Maia Campbell: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it.

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LL Cool J On Maia Campbell: You can't help someone who doesn't want it.

LL Cool J Posts Cryptic Tweet About Maia Campbell

It appears that LL Cool J won’t be moving forward with trying to help former actress Maia Campbell. Earlier this week, he wrote a message on social media that appears to be in reference to Maia. He wrote:

LL Cool J Cryptic Message To Maia Campbell: You can't help someone who doesn't want it.

As previously reported, last weekend, disturbing footage of Maia surfaced, leading us to believe that she’s struggling with addiction again and/or battling with her bipolar disorder.

Maia Campbell Spotted Asking For Crack & Drugs

In the clip, the actress is at a gas station looking unkept, disheveled, wearing a bra and underwear.The footage was captured by a man who appears to be a friend. At one point in the clip, the 40-year-old former actress states,

I want some crack.

See the footage.

After learning of the video, LL ,who worked with Maia on  the ’90s hot show In the House, asked fans to help him locate her after a disturbing video surfaced of her asking for drugs. He wrote on Instagram,

If anyone has a contact on Maia pls let me know …

Maia responded, with a video which appears to have been filmed at a barber shop where she works temporarily.

Maia Campbell Tells LL Cool J: I don't need help, I need a benefit concert.

The video was filmed by her friend named Darrell Cole. Responding to LL’s social media message, she states,

Hey Todd. Well, I love you. I don’t need help. I need a benefit concert for mental health. Don’t TMZ me. It’s really me. This is, Darryl [referencing to the man filming the video]. And this is the shop that we temp at. We’re good. I’m doing property. I have investments. And my show is called, ‘From The Bottom Up’ season 2.

When asked how people can get in touch with her, she responds:

Don’t call me. I’ll call you.

She jokes,

Pray to God that I don’t start rapping. Oops. (laughs).

She also added that LL has her mom’s number if he wants to contact her. Check out the clip below.

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  • Hotfiyah

    Her mother has been dead since 2006!

    • Ruby Taylor

      She may be referring to Debbie Allen, a mother figure who was also on the show with Maia and LL.

  • Aggy Abby

    She clearly needs help with all those fabrications. “My show From the bottom up Season 2” wasn’t that cancelled or already aired last year? “I have real estate property” not earned by you your mom left you the property that you don’t even have say so over because you don’t control nothing! Someone get this girl a tooth and a reality check.
    Honestly the guy who initially filmed her said she’s high off life I think that means her mission is to be a crackhead, she thinks that it’s cool to be in the streets, she wants the hood life. Point blank period

  • Gale Jackson

    It’s apparent that she needs help for her mental problems and her drug addiction weather she believes it or not. I think she was referring to her stepdad when she said her moms number she has a half brother that may still be living with her stepdad at her late moms house.