Kirk Frost Will Go To Court Over Claims He Fathered Child w/ Former Stripper.

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Kirk Frost Will Appear In Court Over Accusations of Fathering Child w/ Former Stripper

Kirk Frost Will Appear In Court Over Accusations of Fathering Child

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reality star Kirk Frost is ready to appear in court over allegations of fathering a child with former stripper, Jasmine Washington. According to Bossip,

Some seven months after Washington sued Frost for paternity and child support for baby Kannon Mekhi Washington, the married father of five has agreed to accept service on the case, and it will now move forward in the courts, BOSSIP has learned. Frost, whose marriage to Rasheeda is in jeopardy because of the affair, accepted service of Washington’s complaint July 10, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP.

Jasmine Washington at her baby shower

Washington’s lawyer Tony Mathis told BOSSIP that his client was relieved that the case would finally move on and eventually co-parent little Kannon. “We are going to have the paternity set done and once we have this completed, we’ll look at child support,” he told us. “It’s better later than never, but our focus is on the long-term. We don’t want an unnecessary animosity towards anybody. The focus is on the child.”

Washington said in court papers that she was essentially Frost’s kept woman, receiving a monthly allowance and use of a car in exchange for being with him. However, she said after her baby was born and she tried to break things off, Frost began denying that Kannon was his and cut her off financially.

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