EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh Beats “Basketball Wives” Lawsuit

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EXCLUSIVE: Chris Bosh Beats "Basketball Wives" Lawsuit

Chris Bosh Beats “Basketball Wives” Lawsuit

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Chris Bosh’s years-long legal battle with his baby mama – who sued the NBA star accusing him of costing her up to a million dollars for getting her fired from Basketball Wives – with a judge ordering the case to be thrown out right before it was headed to trial.

Here’s the latest:On July 25th, the judge in the case came back with his decision and sided with Bosh by throwing out the entire lawsuit prior to the jury trial, awarding his baby mama nothing in her years long legal battle with the NBA star.

The judge notes he reviewed the evidence and testimony and there is no record evidence to prove Mathis’ claim that Shed Media terminated her contract due to Bosh’s interference.

He says without such evidence she will be unable to prove her case, pointing out that no affidavits or depositions were done that show or explain why Shed Media fired her.

In regards to the settlement signed by Bosh and Basketball Wives producers, the judge says Mathis’ attempt to introduce it as evidence into this case. He says the settlement is hearsay and unauthenticated and cannot be relied upon to prove Bosh’s liability or to prove why producers fired his baby mama.

The judge says the evidence presented by Mathis in regards to her alleged damages are insufficient to prove her actual damages. As a result, he granted Bosh’s motion for summary judgement and dismissed all claims against the NBA star.

Allison Mathis, Former Basketball Wives’ Royce Reed (Photo Jock & Stiletto Jill)

Here’s the backstory: Bosh and his baby mama Allison Mathis have been fighting for years in court over their daughter Trinity. Their custody & support battle was settled, but they are still dueling it out in a civil lawsuit over Basketball Wives.

Back in 2011, Bosh sued his baby mama along with Shed Media, producers behind BB Wives. He claimed the show execs and Mathis – who was set to appear on the 3rd season of the show – were going to infringe on his rights. He demanded the show not be allowed to utter his name and his baby mama not be allowed to film the show.

Mathis was eventually fired by producers and never appeared on the show despite filming. Allison then counter-sued, claiming Bosh ruined her deal and accused him of lying to producers about her having sign a confidentiality agreement.

Mathis’ lawsuit had been pending since 2011, with both parties still battling it out over her claim that he made her lose up to 250k by interfering with her TV deal. She is seeking damages for him having her fired.

Bosh responded, filing docs demanding the entire case be thrown out before it heads to trial.
Mathis responded to Bosh’s motion to dismiss her lawsuit, explaining she signed her Basketball Wives deal in early 2011. After entering into the contract, she filmed for the show with co-star Royce Reed, Dwight Howard’s baby mama.

She claimed she received positive feedback for her work and at no time did she make negative comments about her baby daddy while on camera.

Further, prior to filming she told producers that she would not participate in the show in a way that would involve her daughter or her relationship with her father. Mathis believes due to being fired she lost out of a minimum of $191k (which was due on her contract) + upwards of $1 million dollars in lost opportunities for future earning including appearance fees, licensing deals, book contracts and endorsements deals.

Instead, she has been forced to support herself through clerical and retail work. She claims to have struggled financially since being fired and even had to file for bankruptcy to save the home where she lives with her daughter. The trial was scheduled to begin later this year.

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  • Ruby Taylor

    How embarrassing must it be to find yourself at this age in life, with no skills or abilities to provide for yourself or your children. Definition of a dummy. Grown woman who has no skills or intelligence, working in the mall. Stealing jobs from the children. She sat around for the last 6 years waiting on lawsuit money when she never had a case. You can’t sue that man for keeping you from riding his coat tails and speaking his name. You can’t get mad at the boss for firing you when the gag order was presented. The only reason they wanted you was to be messy and spill the tea. They were never interested in you personally. You have no foundation, no job, no platform, no intelligence, no direction, no purpose.. just a baby mama working in the mall. Ain’t nobody paying you a million dollars for that. I don’t say that to be mean, I say it to be real. Like sis, you failing at life! You’re darn near 40 and working in the mall. Baby no. If you’re too dumb to go back to school, please start selling azz. Go back to what you know.

    • Renee

      Exactly! Be a positive example for your daughter!

    • Darlene Mc

      Wow. This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve read in a while. Do you know how many women age 40+ are working in malls? You just labeled thousands of woman…..that’s the definition of a dummy! Do some research before you lay into this young lady the way you did. Bosh is a bi#!h. Does she need to get paid millions from him for support, no. But he should want his daughter to live a decent life! Bosh and this young lady was in an 8 year relationship with plans to get married. He is the one who pushed for them to get pregnant and have the baby. They tried for years before it happened but it did happen. Then came along his current wife. That’s cool but he didn’t have to treat her like garbage! This wasn’t some one night trick…….hit it and quit it type of situation. They were together for YEARS! Anyway, enough of other people’s drama. You were a little harsh.

      • Mo’BettaBlues

        you are so right! Bosh did her soooooooooo dirty!

      • Ruby Taylor

        Ignorance is setting the standard that working for minimum wage at 40 years of age is acceptable. ITS NOT! If we were more harsher on ourselves and held to a higher standard there wouldn’t be so many underachievers. If at 40 you do not have employable skills that will net you a decent salary, you failed yourself. Not me but yourself. If you have children, you failed them twice over by not being able to raise them and not setting a good example. First off, we need to stop having all these kids. Its irresponsible knowing how much time and money is needed to raise them right. You can’t easily reach any goals with all these extra kids.

        My mother had 4 kids and dropped out of school. She struggled and worked 3 jobs at a time. She didnt have a car and walked to night classes at a local high school to learn a trade (medical assistant). She has never been rich but she would never settle for bum wages while there is life in her body and children watching her every move. If my mother can set goals with no car and 4 children then you can’t tell me nothing about my harsh response for Bosh baby mama living in the age of smart phones and silicone asses. I don’t even like the term baby mama but those were her career goals. Who cares that they talked about marraige and were together 8 years. She wanted to be a kept woman when she should have kept building her OWN future and not depending on a man. He paid her child support. Took care of his child, just not her. And if a better woman comes along, men and women will leave. I dont know the wife or what she brings to the table. I just now that baby mama has no education, no skills, nothing… and that was cool the whole 8 years because all she strived to be was a baby mama.
        Now she mad, broke amd still dumb. What kept her from learning a trade or going to school? He was out there balling, training and earning a check. Women who rely on looks/body and a few cooked meals will end up looking just as stuoid as she. After 8 years of talking about marraige lol stuuuuuuupid.

      • Ruby Taylor

        I don’t need to do any research on her. You did the research and couldn’t produce any statements to support her attempts at making a good life for her and her child. All you could say was, “they dated for 8 years and talked about marriage”. She had no skills when she met him.

        She was with him for 8 years and did nothing to improve herself. No education, no trade, no grind other than wanting to spend up that man’s check and sit around other bougee women projecting a lifestyle she didn’t earn. He was grinding, training and excelling in his career for those 8 years. He probably loved her at one point and wanted to have a future with her but he’s allowed to change his mind. Especially since she’s not really a partner, she’s a DEPENDENT. She brings nothing to the table except vagina. He does not see value in her so why should he have to keep paying for her to live HIS lifestyle? She sat on her azz/back for the 8 years of the relationship and another 6 years waiting for a lawsuit.. total of 14 years and after all that time.. you work in the mall? GTFOH with the excuses. She could have gotten a bachelors and doctorate in that time frame but no SHE IS LAZY/SORRY. College isn’t for everybody so she could have learned a trade or gotten a cosmetology license or hired as a CNA. Hell, if she started at the mall 14 years ago she would at least be a department store manager or in some mid-level position. Her failure is her own fault.

        That man owes his child a certain lifestyle. He does not owe her. She’s sorry and so are you if you advocate this whorish behavior. She can’t be that naive either. I’m sure they had conversations before he just dumped her. We know when something is not right in the relationship, even if that person don’t come out and say it.. they show it. He didn’t do her dirty, he moved on. She was complacent. Now she looks foolish. She could’ve played him, spitting game that she had dreams and ambition. He could have fell for her lies and realized she’ll never get any better than she is now.

        I don’t support low standards and I’m not sorry. My mother dropped out of high school and had 4 kids. She didn’t even have a car. She worked 2 jobs and walked to night school. She got a GED, then she signed up for more night classes. She’s not super successful but she’s never settled for bum wages when she has children to feed and inspire. She makes a decent $17 an hour with no college degree, just hard work and pride in herself. My mother isn’t the only hard working, determined black mother so I’m not trying to hear it. Her hard work taught me to get my behind up every day and do something with myself. Her being a single mother also taught me not to depend on someone else to take care of me and not place all eggs in one basket. Having a baby ain’t winning the lottery. She taking money from her child to take care of herself.

        Women need to stop having all these kids then blaming men for their irresponsibility. Make better decisions for yourself. Stop believing every line you hear. Make them prove it. Own your actions. If you do mess up, don’t blame anybody but yourself.

  • Ruby Taylor

    This is my third time replying. I don’t understand why my response would be deleted.

    There is no reason for this 40 year old woman to be working in the mall if she was laid up with a rich ball player for 8 years. That means she had no education/skills when she met him and had no desire to increase her value during their relationship. She could have gone to school or started a business but she did not. That is her own fault. This lawsuit lasted an additional 6 years and she did nothing in that time frame to improve her circumstances. That’s a total of 14 years of doing nothing. You can’t get mad at me for speaking the truth. If we were to remove the rose colored glasses and own up to or actions, or lack thereof, we would ALL be in better position to take care of ourselves and our children. Any one who finds themselves working at the mall, an entry level position for those first entering the work field, has done nothing with the last 20 years of their lives. Dont be mad at me, be mad at yourself.

    Too many hard working mothers out here that are pushing themselves and their children to be something, for us to excuse this lazy woman or support her in trying to force a man to take care of her. He has to take care of his kids. He don’t have to give her HIS lifestyle after he decides to leave her. Make better decisions for yourself. Stop being naive and gullible. Demand respect for yourself. Get a ring and a real commitment or go on about your business. If you choose not to secure the ring, suffer the consequences of the risks you’re taking. She can’t ride his coattails to success, she has to put in some kind of work. He earned his money, she did not. Yes, it’s a darn shame that she is in the position she is in. Sounds like entitlement to me.

    • lilkunta

      ruby do you know the whole story? alison and chirs dated for years. he wanted a baby so they tried to no success. HE PAID FOR fertility treatments and she became pregnant with their daughter Trinity. HE MOVED HER so she could be with him. They he got big headed and left Allison. Dont believe me? Look on youtube as their home videos are their. I dont know why Chris left Allison for gold digging adrienne but I hope his prenup is rock solid since she IMMEDIATELY had 4 kids with him back to back! Adrienne is KNOWN in the industry as a baller chaser, she lied about having cancer so lil wayne could send her $10,000 !

      • Ruby Taylor

        I believe everything you are saying. My point went over your head. He met her. He dated her. He fell for her. He asked her to have a baby. He paid for the fertility. Let you tell it, he got a big head and left. *que the whoa is me, now I’m a baby mama soundtrack*

        What I am saying is, she has control over her life. He is not her creator. He did not hold her hostage and make her have his baby. She voluntarily went along with this without considering how this would play out. Almost like a child doing whatever it’s told where as adults have the maturity and wisdom to consider options and consequences before making moves. Life is not a game baby. It’s real out here. She made life altering decision for a man who had not even given her a ring. How many years does it take to call a man bluff? Certainly not 8 years.

        She watched him grow for 8 years while she sat there stagnant. Bosh didn’t make her an underachiever. She came to him that way. I don’t have any personal feelings about Bosh but I can say he worked towards his goals and is a successful ball player. I can see hard work and effort on his part. I can see why he is successful and why you might think he has a big head. I CANNOT see any effort, any education, any business plans on her behalf. I cannot see why this grown woman with money and opportunities at her disposal did not do anything with her life other than give birth to a child. I can see where she laid up for 8 years doing whatever he told her. She don’t get credit for that. She can’t blame him when he decides, you know what.. I can get someone better. That’s life. I wouldn’t stay with a man who isn’t growing with me so why should he? That is not attractive for a man to be with a woman who, if he lost it all, she can’t do nothing to help the family. He may as well be dating an 18 year old child lol. That’s my point. She failed herself. She has to take accountability for that. This isn’t the end of her life. She can be anything she wants to be. But she has to work for it like we all do. Then after he left her.. something should have clicked like “oh snap, the gravy train is gone.. what am I gonna do to support myself?” No, she tried to get on a show to get paid for talking about this man. Again, no effort on her part. Taking the lazy way out. For 6 years she waited for a judge to tell her what a crackhead on the street could have told her.. No!

        I do feel sorry for. I don’t get any pleasure out of her situation. But this foolishness has to stop. She, and any female like her, has to grow up and be a big girl. That means, making big girl decisions.

      • Ruby Taylor

        And Adrienne may not be sh!t either, but she’s not working in the mall. I don’t support Adrienne’s whoring or anybody else’s. Adrienne is playing her role differently than the 1st one. For all we know she might be one hell of a housewife where as the 1st one was mediocre. Adrienne could be juggling 4 babies, cooking, cleaning, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] possin on a hand stand, checking homework, doing laundry, keeping his fade tight, washing the cars, building tree houses and fixing the roof. You get my point? Adrienne might be a professional hoe lol At least she’s committed to the role, focused on her goals and putting in work. If it ends in divorce, I doubt Adrienne will be working at the mall. I’m being sarcastic and yes I am an azzhole but I’m serious.

      • Ruby Taylor

        I believe everything you said. That is not the point. She is blaming him for her bad decisions. People who make excuses for her are absolving her of her responsibilities as an adult. He did not kidnap her. He did not rape her. He did not hold a gun to her head and make her blindly follow him with no plan (or backup plan) for her future. She did that on her own, for 8 years with no ring or serious commitment. Who was she before she met him? How old was she? How smart was she? Did she have any education? Did she have any career goals? What was her plan for her life and why didn’t she pick that plan back up after her boyfriend broke up wit her? You see where I’m going? She never had any ambition. She never had a plan. She never had any education. She was already stuck until he came around and saved her. People get tired… burdened by dead weight. She was dead weight. She don’t bring nothing to the table that he can’t get else where. She don’t enrich his life in anyway. Whatever job she brought him when she met him, it faded. He figured out that he can get that and more from someone else. You can’t be mad at him for wanting the better. If she wanted better for herself, I wouldn’t be mad at her either.

        He broke her heart. Did he steal her ambition or did she lack ambition to begin with? She had 1 baby, not 20. Women have multiple children and still grow as people. They still work towards goals. They still strive to better themselves. During the 8 years they were together, he worked and hustled at his job. She sat around the house. He was getting better. She was sitting around getting fat. A depreciating asset. Like a pretty car, over the years it gets dogged out then you buy another one. Not to be callous but what did she bring to the table? Why would he have to support his child and her? Is she handicap? She didn’t work or build a foundation for herself. If I met a rich man to lay up with, I’m going to seize that opportunity. I don’t want handbags, I want a business. I want to go to school. I want to get put on. I want more control of my future. I want options. I don’t want be another mouth for him to feed. She might as well be the oldest child in the house. Worrying about the new woman aint gonna make her no money.

  • lilkunta

    allison bbw will show you negatively.
    i know chris hurt you so so bad but this show and franchise is T R A S H!