Sheree Whitfield Secretly Married To Prison Inmate Tyrone Gilliams?

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Sheree Whitfield Secretly Married To Prison Inmate Tyrone Gilliams?

Sheree Whitfield Married to Prison Inmate?

Is Sheree Whitfield secretly married? According to StraightFromTheA, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has had a jailhouse boo for years. In fact, Sheree and her man Tyrone Gilliams (who is reportedly incarcerated for fraud) have a long history, prior to his jail stint, and she’s reportedly been standing by his side despite his lengthy prison sentence. Rumor has it, the pair have quietly jumped the broom while Gilliams is behind bars. The site reports,

She’s been often spotted visiting her Gilliam, who was at one point housed in an Atlanta area penitentiary and the buzz around town last season when Sheree and her ex-husband Bob pretended to reconcile was that Sheree was already in a committed relationship with “some inmate”. For the record, Tyrone Gilliams is the same ‘promoter’ that allegedly scammed Sheree and Nene out of appearance fees causing them both to fall out during that epic fight where Nene cited her ‘Trump Checks’ At the time, Tyrone was a ‘baller’ who helped Sheree fund her Chateau with his ill gotten gains. As you know, the construction of the home came to a complete halt soon afterwards and while most think it’s because Sheree was fired, there’s further evidence that it was actually due to the fact that her money source (i.e. Tyrone) had gotten locked up.

In 2016 during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live!, Sheree addressed rumors that she and Tyrone were engaged. At the time, she denied the rumors and noted that they were friends.

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  • morrow

    What,s with these insecure stupid women getting these jail birds for husbands? I thought Sheree was a pretty tough girl “and she probably is at fighting”, but she is a dingbat too in all other ways.

    • IDontThinkSo

      I LIVE for your #dingbat reference… ;)

  • IDontThinkSo

    I can’t hate the player. Sheree is a low-level hustler, but you have to give props for these broads that know how to hustle up under a man and snatch a few dollars. You just gotta be smart and find the right level of man…

  • Dayle Hudson

    I still don’t get why they need homes that large