Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split, Ex Dodgers Star Openly Cheated

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Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

Is Evelyn Lozada single? Rumor has it, the reality star and her fiance, Carl Crawford have split.

Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

A tip from The Shade Room claims that the Basketball Wives reality star and the former Los Angeles Dodgers player have split, noting that the last time that the two were spotted publicly together was in March for their son Leo’s birthday.

Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

Evelyn Lozada Carl Crawford circa 2015

The site also reports that Evelyn has secretly been keeping in contact with her ex husband, Chad Johnson’s, baby mama Trice for months.

Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

According Bossip, the pair have been living completely separate lives for almost a year. The site reports that Carl recently took a family trip without Evelyn and their son. The site adds,

Reportedly, Carl got cold feet when he realized “forever” with Evelyn meant half his money if marriage didn’t work out. The couple got engaged back in December of 2013. Reports circulated last year saying Carl’s teammates’ wives called Evelyn out as a “gold digger”.

Evelyn Lozada & Fiance Carl Crawford Split

Carl & Evelyn circa 2014

Subsequently, Carl refused to sign prenup papers. In June 2016, Carl was cut from his job with the Los Angeles Dodgers. A BOSSIP source told us Carl spiraled into play boy mode after the cut. They tell us, Crawford openly went out on dates and flew other women into his home.

Evelyn has yet to comment on the couple’s rumored split.

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  • Theresa Jenkins

    Be careful how you talk about others Evelyn. Now look at you…….

    • Samuela Clark

      She all up in Jackie’s business with her daughter. She need to be worried about her own home matters!

      • Dorothy Evins

        I knew something was wrong with her relationship because she was to concern about JACKIE business to cover up her drama.

    • Haterz_Luv_Me

      Exactly.. To me Evelyn is wack… She all on basketball wives, mad asf that Jackie called her a bytch in front of her daughter… Like be mad if Jackie puts her hands on her in front of YOU… Then be mad… She looks really silly… I’m not even sure why they brought her back… Should have let Tami beat her up????

      • Terri Ball


      • BdRmiz39

        Chile, Please. Tami is the one with the Actual Bankable Talent. Why waste time on a Non-Mutha-Phuckin’ Factor Lol. When the show ends, Tami will be the only one able (as she already is) to navigate Hollywood, TV, etc. WITHOUT “phucking her way through 3 players’ associations.” LMAO

      • Johnson Darline

        She was bought back because she is Shaunie friend and although Shaunie is a producer or whatever, if you notice Shaunie was not too present on the shows because she did not relate to the LA ladies or the LA ladies stood their ground with her. So she wanted her Miami crew and now she is in every episode.

    • Phoenix Tiffany Taylor

      I’m glad Jackie was exposed if only for the grand kids sake they need their Grandma

  • Carla

    I can’t feel sorry for her, we all know how she got to the top.

    • Lady D

      Exactly karma is the B that always shows up

  • chrissy44


  • winnlu

    Is that why she was trying to have another baby so she could lock Carl down for another 18yrs. She has gone from one ball player to another, thats her M O. She has no place talking about anybody and their parenting, what has her daughter learned from her, to grab you a baller too, that’s what Jackie meant when she said ” BUILD A WHORE “.

    • Lady D

      Precisely! I figured something was up she was just too pressed about having another baby. Guess she thought that baby was gonna seal the deal. She spent her time messing with others husbands and men so no wonder the men she ends up with this stuff happens. He was a little smarter than Chad though at least. She should have concentrated on more than laying on her back to secure a ball player meal ticket. It ain’t worth all that!

  • Sojourner’s Truth

    Ev, you can go back to OVARY HUSTLING

  • Phoenix Tiffany Taylor

    They been broke up that’s why she back on the show to get a check, men cheat too much I feel awful for her she didn’t deserve that no woman does

  • Chuck

    I knew this guy wasn’t into E when he wouldn’t commit. E is too busy trying to get knocked up for security reasons. When she returned to BBWs, I knew then that things weren’t going well in her relationship. When she was with Carl, she was higher than thou and didn’t need BBWs money or fame. Actually, she tried to distance herself from it. But, now that she no longer has access to Carl’s money, other than in child support, she’s back on reality TV. She should spend less time in Jackie’s business and more on her failed relationship. Karma!~

    • Johnson Darline

      I agree, She knew Jackie was competition so she had to go for Jackie to get her out of the way so she can become the HBIC again. Because not even Shaunie will put her in her place. I think she sent Jackie daughter the money just to stir the pot. Trust and believe it was a calculated move on E part. She knew she was planning on coming back to BBW and she needed a plot line.

      • Chuck

        Well said..

  • lilkunta

    not surprised at all. when she got with him he had not 1 but 2 girlfrieds, 1 who was pregnant. her son carl jr was born 1 or 2 months after his half sister!

    evelyn is a mess. she wants a lifestyle and does not want to work for it.
    well, she has child support for 18yrs so in her mind she is winning.

    • Johnson Darline

      Probably why she was trying so hard for baby#2 from him. The more children, the bigger the check.

  • Johnson Darline

    HMMMM all I have to say. I aint saying she a gold digger but she wasnt messing with a broke broke

  • Magnolialady3

    That’s why she asked for that 3500 back

    • BdRmiz39


  • Justlooknout

    Maybe Evelyn **** is broken, Maybe she picks men that are superficial, just like she is. She paid TOO much attention to Jackie and her daughter and sick grandson. Nobody ever said heifer how is Carl?

    Yo Evelyn, it’s a couple of brother in the NHL. tosses a shovel

  • Buggy

    NBA to NFL to MLB…What’s next NHL?

  • Shelly

    We don’t know this to be true! We all know Evelyn don’t have no problem telling us if things aren’t working in her relationship! So until she says it I’m thinking this is exactly what it is, JUST TALK!

  • Misses B

    What I don’t understand is why Evelyn is sooo concerned about Jackie & HER(Jackie) grand baby . It’s really none of Evelyn’s business

  • Gloria Delphine Wiley Jones

    Karma is a bitch. Evelyn hasnt change and that same ol mean girl.