Master P Criticizes Kevin Hart For Asking Celebs To Donate Money: It’s their money.

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Master P Criticizes Kevin Hart For Asking Celebs To Donate Money: It's their money.

Master P, Kevin Hart

Master P Criticizes Kevin Hart For Asking Celebs To Donate Money

While many have praised Kevin Hart for challenging his celebrity friends to donate money for Hurricane Harvey victims, some are not a fan of his approach. Master P, who is from New Orleans, called out the comedian for pressuring celebs to give. He stated,

I’m blessed that Kevin Hart made a donation, but I feel like he don’t have to do that [challenge] because it’s not necessary. It really don’t matter what it is as long as you’re giving from your heart so I don’t think you have to do that with other people, just let them give from their heart.

He continued,

A lot of people are going to what they want to do. It’s [their] money. We made a donation, but it don’t matter what it is, as long as you give from your heart — I don’t think you have to do that with other people.”

As previously reported, Hart launched a fund to benefit the American Red Cross response to Hurricane Harvey. He called out a few of his famous friends, including Beyonce, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and others. To date, the fund has reached $1 million.

The Rock accepted Hart’s challenge to give money, but declined to call out others to do the same. He stated,

Kevin Hart, you issued the Hurricane Harvey challenge. I appreciate you, brother. I just donated my $25,000 to the Red Cross, my companies are donating money. I’m not going to call out my celebrity friends. You guys already know what to do in terms of donating money.

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Do you agree with Master P’s comments about Kevin Hart?

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  • Deb Dyson

    No, shame in what Kevin did at all. I’m not feeling Master P, everyone knows whose money it is- that’s not the point. He must not have given much but that’s his business cause it’s his money.

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    He’s right. That sad part about that is. It’s gonna be normal working class people that may try and give more than they could just to say they took the Kevin Heart challenge smh?

  • Cyn

    I don’t think ANYBODY should call ANYBODY out by name give to something. I think people should be lead to give and to give what they want to give. Call them or send them a private message. What Hart is doing appears to be done to be seen. Just give quietly, you don’t need to announce it. I am in total agreement with Master P. Give in secret and you will be rewarded in public. I like what The Rock did. Classy of him!

  • Music

    I feel like if you’re giving $ for the right reasons, then there’s no need to announce it. Announcing it makes it seem like you want some kind of recognition for donating.

  • Shag

    I agree with Master P. U don’t put people on the spot. If he had not named names, it would have been ok. I don’t know if anyone he named has stepped forward, publicly, an donated.

    • chelle

      yes almost everyone of them did, and then other people with money to give to that challenge without Kevin putting their names out there they posted that they also have $25000 to Kevin Challenge. I tell you we would complain if nothing was done, and we complain when a lot is done. The people that are living in water and that have lost everything are not sitting around saying well Kevin shouldn’t have done it this way, or I think Master P is right..they are cold, hungry, sad, and just loss right now. People sitting in there homes, their nice comfy warm homes are the ones that have no better worries than how the money came to be.

      • Shag

        U have a great day.

  • chelle

    Does it matter how it was done, as long as it was done. Some of the people Kevin called out had no problem at all giving but without the challenge they really would not have thought of doing it, not because they are bad people, but because some of them were young people that wouldn’t have thought of it. Like Chris Brown has a ton of money and because of Kevin hart he gave 100,000. Doesn’t matter how it was done, what matters is these people are not taking it to red cross or any of the other places that people never see the money. Kevin is going to make sure the money is spent like it should be. If you have love ones that this money is going to help, don’t discuss how the money came, just be happy the money was given. ijs

  • Rickyo

    Kevin’s heart (no pun intended) was obviously in the right place. I think P would agree. all P was saying was the calling people out by name it’s kind of humiliating. It implies that they’re not doing anything on their own and it comes across kind of tacky. Like Kevin Hart gets to take credit for you giving when all he did was make it look like you wouldn’t have given… if Kevin just said “I’m encouraging all my friends ” (no names) like Rock did, it would have been classier.