Janet Jackson Suffers Poor Ticket Sales In Austin

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Janet Jackson Suffers Poor Ticket Sales

Janet Jackson is having a bit of a challenge when it comes to ticket sales. Reportedly, the 51-year-old singer’s State Of The World Tour didn’t do so well recently selling tickets.

Last week, she took the stage in Austin, Texas, performing at the Frank Erwin Center. However, she barely filled the stadium halfway. The stadium held 10,560 fans, but only 4,973 fans were in attendance. Gross sales were $430,010.

On a lighter note, Jackson recently paid homage to Cardi B, dancing to her hit “Bodak Yellow.”┬áSee the footage and Cardi’s message below.

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  • Girlfriend

    She’s praying that Cardi B wants a collabo so she can keep that dwindling “career”.

    • AnonymousDaUnknown

      Janet has been in the game for OVER 40 years. She’s got a solid legacy. Respect the queen. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9d52337e3f4bad3ca51ed407651ea6a2cc449c6ce2c58e9cdeefc2d85f1afa5d.jpg

      • Girlfriend

        Aaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd the queen is having problems selling tickets. Being a smart Queen, she is putting her ears to the street and listening to Cardi, who will curry her favor with her lowly subjects that want to still hear Janet. I ain’t mad at her hustle-she gotta eat. I’m just not interested and expected low ticket sales.

        • AnonymousDaUnknown

          Aaaaaaaaannnnd the queen is NOT having problems selling ticket. AS I said above, you, like the rest of the ill informed, are judging the ONE show that didn’t sell due to receding waters and a hurricane but not paying attention to to her six shows that are SOLD OUT. In fact she has already had four sell out shows. You may not be interested but many are because the seats are selling.

          Do your research before you start talking ish you clearly know nothing about.

          • Girlfriend

            Aaaaaaaaannnnd you must be a family member. Chill out if you’re not; she isn’t nearly as concerned about you as you are about her unless you ARE family. Everybody is entitled to an opinion; grow up if you don’t like that fact. Now vamoose. Tuh!

          • AnonymousDaUnknown

            Actually, I am family. I’m on the payroll, biyatch

  • MsPam

    Janet needs to go and sit down somewhere, no one is checking for her!

    • AnonymousDaUnknown

      And yet here you are commenting on a thread about Janet Jackson. Janet will slay your fave. I’m sure your fave is living in the house Janet built.


      • MsPam

        Please I speaking on that most people didn’t come out to her concert. I stop checking for Janet and her lip syncing decades ago.

        • AnonymousDaUnknown

          And yet HERE YOU ARE ON HER THREAD!!!! My point still stands. And she filled half a stadium after the state was affected by receding water. MOfos quick to judge the one show that didn’t sell but don’t wanna talk about the other six that sold out and the other shows that are selling well.

          FOH with all that hate.

  • Deb Dyson

    That’s still Texas maybe the other half is still drying out or helping others from the storm. Probably should have made it a benefit concert anyway.

  • AnonymousDaUnknown

    Umm, when Janet was is Austin Texas half of the place was still under water. Ya’ll kill me with reporting half the facts.

  • Music

    Janet is legend…but…The people of Texas may be more concerned about rebuilding their homes, rather than going to see Janet. IJS.