Mike Epps Advice To Kevin Hart: Keep your wee wee in your pants!

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Mike Epps Advice To Kevin Hart: Keep your ween ween in your pants!

Mike Epps, Kevin Hart

Mike Epps Advice To Kevin Hart: Keep your ween ween in your pants!

Mike Epps is weighing in on the controversy that’s currently surrounding Kevin Hart. When asked if he believes that Hart is targeted because of who he is, Epps says,

It’s definitely hard for any entertainer. You know, especially if you’re a male figure and you’re out here in the spotlight.

He continues,

I think we all do get targeted…We do have a target on our backs. That mixed with us just being ourself, sometimes it gets us in trouble, man.

Epps also has a few words of wisdom for Hart,

All I can say is, You ain’t perfect and you ain’t Jesus so, you know. Jesus died for our sins so hey man, you got a right to mess up sometimes. Yo aint’ never gon’ be perfect. Just keep your head up, Kev.

Throwing in a joke he adds,

Keep your wee wee in your pants man.

As you know, Hart is currently in the midst of a sex tape extortion scandal. Click here for the latest.

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  • Girlfriend

    Shut up, dude; you ain’t no angel, either.

  • Candy

    Mike Epps’s unfunny ass can’t give out advice on “wee-wee’s in pants.”

  • Anthony Brown

    My take on #kevinHeart apology. Fellas just because you say ‘I’m sorry” don’t make it go away. When you say “I’m not making any excuses” is making excuses. A sincere apology is followed by sincere actions not just words. It’s call taking responsibility for your actions. We don’t say I’m sorry and then later repeat the same bad behavior… that’s call being irresponsible! Being famous, unknown, rich or poor or being in the wrong place is no justification for making immoral decisions, just another excuse.

    People do make mistakes but cheating is no mistakes, it’s a premediated action. It’s funny how we’re always sorry for cheating only after we get caught. There are no reasons for cheating, just excuses! A cheater don’t need a reason to cheat just an opportunity.

    • Mother Love

      Speak truth!

    • The Mrs.