Toni Braxton & Birdman May Have Eloped, According to Tamar Braxton

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Toni Braxton & Birdman May Have Eloped, According to Tamar Braxton

Toni Braxton & Birdman May Have Eloped

Have Toni Braxton and Birdman secretly tied the knot? Toni’s baby sister, Tamar Braxton, is convinced that the pair may have jumped the broom. During an interview, the singer and reality star was asked whether or not Toni and Birdman are still together. Tamar responded,

Yep, they sure are [still together].

She went on to say that Birdman proved just how close he is to the family recently when their mother, Evelyn Braxton, got sick. Tamar says,

My mother got sick the other day, Sunday she told us she’s having heart surgery on Monday, she has the heart surgery and she gets to her room and 30 minutes later she has a stoke. 

She continues,

[Birdman] was there the whole time!. I think that’s my brother-in-law, I do. I think they eloped. I’m telling you, they is married.

Toni Braxton, Birdman

Last year, theJasmineBRAND.com broke the story that the pair were secretly dating. The pair say very little about their situationship, but have gone public, attending red carpet events together.

Toni Braxton, Birdman

Toni opened up about their relationship on Braxton Family Values saying,

When I’m on stage and I’m performing, that’s the only time that I get those butterflies and I feel totally happy with my life. A romantic relationship? I haven’t had time for that — I should say, I chose not to make time for it but it’s right here in front of my face: happiness.

Toni reflects

It’s the weirdest thing. Ten years ago, I never would’ve imagined me and B would be here. Who knows, this could be a great love affair.

Toni Braxton & Birdman May Have Eloped, According to Tamar Braxton


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  • chrissy44


  • morrow

    In about 2 years when Toni starts to see that ink running and getting all swiveled up , she will drop him.

    • Guest

      His millions will make up for that. Toni might be thinking no more bankruptcies for me! LOL

  • Congrats to them!

  • Deb Dyson

    You can’t help who you love, but I sure hope it’s not him.

    • Shag

      Grown man with pants around his ass.

      • Deb Dyson

        LOL, so true.

  • Michelle

    She really needs money I see. Sad…..

  • Shag

    Should be interesting. Didn’t Kesha Cole just bust im home him when she was dating him, ’cause he was with another woman?

  • Girlfriend

    I can’t get past his face with all that shit on it.

  • Guest

    Good Girl loves Bad Boy, nothing new to see here. The fact that he mega rich doesn’t hurt him either. Toni probably has had enough bankruptcy for a lifetime.